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DriveThru Urgent Care: Health in the Fast Lane

DriveThru Urgent Care: Health in the Fast Lane

When it comes to getting well fast, Atlantans face a myriad of challenges. Overcrowded emergency rooms, the shortage of primary healthcare providers, urgent care facilities with limited capacity and other obstacles often get in the way of swift treatment. According to the team behind Viral Solutions, they have the cure: DriveThru Urgent Care.

Opening in August, DriveThru Urgent Care promises to usher in a new era of healthcare by treating patients with time- sensitive medical needs in the comfort of their own cars. The first practice in the nation to present the concept at this scale, DriveThru Urgent Care will deliver modern, convenient and accessible urgent care medicine in a drive-through setting.

(L TO R): John R. Lenz; Lamar Cochran, MD; Natalie Schmitz, PA-C; Ron Sanders Jr., PA-C; Michelle Wan, MD; Yair Strano; Bernard Coxton Jr., PA-C; Ben Lefkove, MD

Created by the veteran ER team who developed and operated Viral Solutions (Dr. Ben Lefkove and physician assistant Ron Sanders Jr.), which tested and vaccinated millions during the COVID-19 crisis, DriveThru Urgent Care will strive to bring radical efficiency to every aspect of quality urgent care. The plan is to offer an improved level of access that makes healthcare easy, breaking down barriers and meeting patients where they are so they can receive the timely treatment they need without delay and get better faster.

“While serving on the frontline of the pandemic, we had to think differently while serving nearly 4 million patients,” says DriveThru Urgent Care co-founder Dr. Ben Lefkove. “We not only saw the need for something like DriveThru Urgent Care, but we are now able to take the lessons we’ve learned and build a remarkably better urgent care concept amid the new normal.”

DriveThru Urgent Care retools the entire process, from check-in to discharge to dispensing common medications on-site. Efficiencies will begin as soon as a patient pulls up to the facility in their car. There are no waiting rooms, and with car-side check-in, patients are ready for their exam in just a few minutes.

The practice can treat all non-life-threatening conditions patients typically seek treatment for at urgent care locations, from abdominal pain and eye infections to sprains, minor cuts and lacerations. DriveThru Urgent Care will put a special emphasis on treating and testing for seasonal respiratory illnesses, including flu, COVID-19, RSV and strep throat.

Providers have the ability to utilize state-of-the-art medical equipment while the patient remains in the vehicle.

For more extensive examination and when handling sensitive medical issues, providers can treat patients inside the facility, which features multiple exam rooms and an X-ray machine. Patients can receive common lab tests, and the on-site lab will have results within minutes. After diagnosis, patients can get the most medications on-site without a separate trip to the pharmacy.

“Time is precious and our ultimate goal is to reimagine urgent care so patients can get better faster,” says co-founder, physician assistant Ron Sanders. “We truly believe DriveThru Urgent Care patients will experience a type of efficiency, convenience and compassion like never before.”

Viral Solutions will serve as the parent company and fold its services into DriveThru Urgent Care. The flagship DriveThru Urgent Care location will be located at 1605 Howell Mill Road NW, Atlanta. Learn more by calling 470.601.7810 or by visiting

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