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Michael Kanyon: Professional Hairstylist and Beauty Builder

Michael Kanyon: Professional Hairstylist and Beauty Builder

Over 40 & Fabulous Top 10 Winner, Michael Kanyon

Michael Kanyon, 48, is a professional hairstylist and the founder of KANYON Beauty. He’s new to Atlanta, having moved to Buckhead in 2020, but despite the start of a chaotic era, Kanyon has found it renewing. He’s learned the value of to-do lists, exercising both mind and body and always learning; and he’s leaned into his natural instinct to give back. As a result, balance seems to integrate seamlessly into his life, allowing him to impress that experience upon others in positive ways.

What do you love most about being over 40?

Being so comfortable with who I am, who I have become and knowing I will always strive to keep getting better, mentally, physically and spiritually. I do not take this blessing of age lightly. I actually feel like I am getting better with age. The irony of getting older is that, if you’re lucky, you actually feel better and more confident. It’s strange, but I feel younger than I did in my 30s!

What wisdom would you give to people in their 20s and 30s?

The one thing I always reiterate to younger people is the number 86,400. That’s how many seconds you have in a day, and you must make sure you constantly use them to progress in mind, body and spirit. I want people to realize that being in the moment is so important, and I urge everyone to use the time they have to push themselves to improve in every aspect of their lives.

What event has influenced your life most?

The most recent impactful event has been COVID-19, and although the past few years have been filled with chaos and change, it has been a time of clarity and progress for my wife and me. Most importantly, it brought us to Atlanta, which completely helped heal our souls.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community?

I like to donate my time, services and KANYON Beauty products, but being able to use my talents to bring joy to others is an indescribable feeling! I’ve used my talents to cut and style wigs for those facing hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatment, and I’ve worked with Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that advocates for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, especially in children. I look forward to getting involved with similar organizations in Atlanta.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I hope to open KANYON Ranch, a nice quiet area with sprawling greenery where I can entertain people and let them get connected with nature and all its beauty. I’d love to build a sanctuary on KANYON Ranch for family, friends or anyone who might need to reconnect with what’s important.

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