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Harriet Purcell Adams: Give Back Award Winner and Passionate Philanthropic Guru

Harriet Purcell Adams: Give Back Award Winner and Passionate Philanthropic Guru

Over 40 & Fabulous Super 6 and Inspiration Award Winner, Harriet Purcell Adams

Harriet Purcell Adams, PTA, BA, 54, is the owner of Integrated Therapy, LLC and its locations in three states. Also known as “Hurricane Harriet” to some, she is a passionate philanthropic guru and the owner of Aquatic Consultants of Georgia, Inc. When not making waves of change you can find her at home in Buckhead with her husband, son and daughter.

What has brought you the greatest joy as you’ve gotten older?

I love to help others in a larger capacity. Honoring our veterans through my work with the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, helping clients at the Collins Food Pantry and instilling these values in our local young men as Founder and President of the North Atlanta chapter of the Young Men’s Service League has brought me so much personal joy. Modeling outreach and service for my family is one of the best gifts that I can teach them.

What advice do you have for the younger generation?

Do not be afraid to jump! Say yes to experiences. Don’t be fearful to do things that scare you. Enjoy the ride. Trust your integrity.

What is your favorite way to give back to the community?

I enjoy fostering philanthropic opportunities between mothers and sons. The Young Men’s Service League serves 14 philanthropies in the Atlanta area and we put boots on the ground to provide hands-on service to those in need. I also love honoring our Veterans. I recently took 10 young men to The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum so they could hear about WWII, learn about the planes and meet some of the Veterans. I know learning about “the greatest generation” will have a powerful impact on future generations.

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