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Medical Male Enhancement: Is Bigger Better?

Medical Male Enhancement: Is Bigger Better?

Prometheus by Dr. Malik

It’s a question that sexually active men have asked themselves, each other, and anyone else who will listen from the beginning of time: when it comes to penis size, is bigger really better?

It is no surprise that, yes, most women typically prefer larger penises. Their preference for bigger penises may have even influenced evolution by choosing them over their other smaller options over thousands of years.

However, we are far from the end of the discussion. When we think about penis size we traditionally think about length, but there is another dimension that men should be aware of: girth. Penis girth is the measurement around the shaft, also known as the circumference. And it turns out that girth is the real size that piques women’s interest—for good reason.

Why Do Women Prefer Thicker Penises?

According to various researchers and surveys, the majority of women prefer penises with a larger girth. This makes sense when we think about female anatomy and how women experience sexual pleasure. The vaginal canal is filled with a network of nerves, including the ever-elusive G-spot. Up to 90% of the vagina’s nerve endings are within the lower third of the canal. Penises with more girth are able to stimulate these nerves with added pressure and friction no matter what position they are in, while thinner penises often rely on angles to get there.

A Woman’s Perspective on Penis Size

Women have lots of opinions about penis size and how it affects their sexual experience. We interviewed one woman whose boyfriend had his penis enlarged with Prometheus by Dr. Malik in Atlanta, and she gave us all the details about the experience.

When asked about the difference between girth and length, she had a clear answer:

“I love girth,” she told us, “because I’ve been with men that were longer, and you feel everything with girth—stuff that you’ve never felt before.”

And she didn’t stop there. Watch the whole interview and see more testimonials on our website

Enlarging Your Penis Safely Without Surgery or Pills

If you think your penis girth could be more impressive, you don’t have to go under the knife or take questionable pills. Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers a non-surgical option for permanent penis enlargement that adds to your penis girth and length.

Dr. Malik uses a patented filler that helps your body create more of its own collagen, a protein that is already in your body’s tissues. This additional collagen adds size to your penis that looks and feels natural.

Dr. Malik: Atlanta’s Male Enhancement Specialist

Dr. Farhan Malik is a double-board certified physician who has dedicated years to bringing men a safer male enhancement solution. He has partnered with other renowned men’s sexual health specialists to perfect this non-surgical penis enlargement technique.

Read more about Prometheus by Dr. Malik here.

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