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The Best Full Body Resolutions for Men’s Health

The Best Full Body Resolutions for Men’s Health

What does a “healthy you” look like for the new year? For many men, it’s the time of year for lofty goals that often fade quickly. The best resolutions are simple lifestyle changes that give immediate results. Here is a list of low-hanging fruit for your head-to-toe men’s health makeover:

Wake your brain— One of the best ways to increase brain power is to make sleep a high priority. For your first resolution, move up your bedtime by one hour.  You won’t miss your least productive hour of the day.

Open your mouth— Floss daily. This is the key to keeping your mouth feeling fresh and clean. More importantly, good dental health will decrease your risk of developing heart disease. Bacteria trapped in your gums can lead to inflammation and damage of your blood vessels.

Rev up your heart— Dedicate 15-20 minutes each day to exercise. Mix it up with a separate stretch, movement or resistance routine each day. Better yet, make this your first task to feel more energized throughout the day.

Bend your spine— You probably spend a lot of time hovering over a desk, neglecting the other way your spine wants to bend. Make a point to extend your spine fully (bend backward) at least three times per day.

Flush your kidneys— Simply start your day with a glass of water. This will jumpstart the rehydration that your body craves after sleeping.

Protect what’s below your belt— It’s all about blood flow. Keeping fit (including smoke-free) and romantically active will enhance your intimacy. If you notice any decline in your manhood, see your physician. Those “recreational” pills can often halt and even reverse this decline. Above all, this symptom can be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Watch your step— Buy a new pair of shoes. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Keeping your feet comfortable, groomed and injury-free is the first step towards a good posture and healthy joints.

The key to a healthier you is consistency. However, adding small bites of immediate gratification will keep your lifelong quest for better health alive. Look for my article, “Advances in Technology Are Improving Men’s Health,” in the next issue.

Dr. Scott Miller
Dr. Scott Miller

Scott D. Miller, MD, MBA, is Wellstar’s Medical Director of Urology and of Robotic Surgery. He has practiced in Atlanta for over 20 years and sees patients at Wellstar Urology in Roswell, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital and Wellstar Avalon Health Park. Wellstar North Fulton Hospital offers the Know Your Heart Screening that can determine your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other serious conditions. Call 770-956-STAR (7827) to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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