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What to Expect from Eden: West Midtown’s New Mediterranean Supper Club Coming 2025

From the talented minds behind Atlanta’s Michelin-recognized Delbar and Bibi Eatery comes a brand new Mediterranean supper club concept Eden. Nestled in the heart of West Midtown, the restaurant is slated to…

Self Care
Atlanta’s Top Self-Care Sanctuaries

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you are looking for a gift that goes beyond the traditional chocolates and flowers, consider treating mom to one of Atlanta’s top self-care sanctuaries.…

Supplement Your Success: Your Comprehensive Guide to Supplements at 40 and Beyond

By Wyndi Kappes and Taylor Arnold Just as we invest in overnight eye creams and Botox for a youthful glow, our bodies, too, may benefit from a boost as we age. While…

Relationship red flags
Relationship Red Flags

Atlanta-based psychologists, coaches and therapists discuss how to spot and avoid common relationship issues. In the current era of oversaturated and unsolicited TikTok, Instagram and armchair therapy, it’s easy for buzzwords like…

Makeup for women over 50
Makeup Over 40: The Do’s and Don’ts For a Youthful Look

By Reagan Kelly and Wyndi Kappes As we age, understanding the nuances of application, color choices and skincare becomes increasingly important to achieving a flattering and age-defying look; because who said makeup…

Dental Health
The Link Between Dental Health and Overall Well-being

By Dr. Dina Giesler Your oral health goes beyond a dazzling smile; it’s intricately linked to your overall well-being. Beyond aesthetics, your mouth serves as a window to your body’s internal health.…

Pickleball Y’all? Avoiding Back Pain to Keep on Dinking

By Eli Finkelstein, MD I admit it, l am one of the many people who have taken up Pickleball and find myself in love with the competition, energy and frenzy of the…

Mens health
Men’s Health Summer Edition: Hot Tips to Keep Your Cool

By Scott D. Miller, MD, MBA Summer brings a sense of freedom and vitality, encouraging us to step outside and bask in the longer days and warmer nights. It’s time to flip…

Dr. Dina J Giesler
Dr. Dina J Giesler, Dentist and Women’s Advocate

Dr. Dina J Giesler’s dedication to dentistry and community has left an indelible mark on Atlanta. As the esteemed founder of Atlanta Smiles and a cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Giesler’s impact…

S Years
The ‘S’ Years: Extraordinary Atlantans in Their 60s and 70s

Extraordinary Atlantans in their 60s and 70s reveal their secrets to living a life filled with passion and purpose. In a society that often glorifies youth, Best Self Atlanta is proud to…

Rhoda Hendrix
Rhoda Hendrix, Blogger and Explorer

There are few things in life as ever-changing as the digital landscape and even less who can keep up with it. A full-time blogger and influencer for more than 15 years, Rhoda…

Fred Spring
Fred Spring, Personal Trainer and Wellness Warrior

Fred Spring’s journey embodies the timeless truth: it’s never too late to rewrite your story and pursue your passion. At 60, he traded his marketing desk job for a career in fitness,…


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