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How to Let Go of Your Dated Hairstyle

How to Let Go of Your Dated Hairstyle

Woman letting go of dated hairstyle

A dated hairstyle can unnecessarily age you but we know it’s not always easy to figure out what’s next.

Our stylists know that change can be hard, and your appearance is the first thing that people see, so we are trained to shift you gradually into a new look. It could be as simple as trying a “money piece” (small face-framing highlights) first to see if you like the look of dimension in your hair color or a subtle shift in the shape of your cut. 

Don’t be afraid to go long either! We are a certified Bellami Extension provider, offering the highest-quality extensions with a wide range of texture patterns and applications that are either permanent or temporary. We provide consultations to color match and shape the extensions to fit your style, ensuring we provide you with the right product based on your needs. These aren’t your grandmother’s extensions! 

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