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6 Essential Crystals for Beginners

6 Essential Crystals for Beginners

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By India Leigh

If you’ve ever dipped a pinky toe into the world of energy and spirituality, you’ve likely encountered crystals. They’re the fun, magnetic, irresistibly charming earthly greeters said to be at the door of the mystical realm. 

Your body, energy and emotions respond as you connect with any part of nature. You can feel that when you place your hands on a tree, run your fingers through sand at the beach or lie down in fresh grass. As the densest, concentrated form of earthly material, crystals act as natural amplifiers, soothers, conductors, transformers and enhancers of this energy. 

Like people, each stone is unique and carries individual vibratory properties, which will resonate with different people in various ways. You are your own best compass as you explore the universe of crystals. Pay attention to how you feel as you look at and touch each stone. 

The more you hold and use your crystal, the more you will reap the benefits. Try wearing the stone you’re working with or placing it in the area where you spend the most time and energy.

6 Essential Crystals To Try

When you’re ready to get started with a few crystals of your own, here are six essentials to try. Stone descriptions were provided by Bridgette Raitz of Whispering Stones online and Solstice metaphysical shop located in East Cobb.,

1. Clear Quartz— Protection and Light

Clear QuartzClear quartz fills the aura with light and clears and protects you from negativity. It promotes spiritual awareness and accelerates growth. Clear quartz is also healing and amplifies the properties of other stones. It’s an excellent energy balancer, can enhance psychic abilities and is a preeminent ally when setting intentions. This light-bringing stone is also protective and makes a wonderful foundation piece in any collection.

2. Lapis Lazuli— Wisdom and Intuition

Lapis LazuliLapis is an excellent stone to awaken the higher mind, psychic abilities and truthful communication. In ancient times, it was a stone of royalty and spirituality. This predominantly blue stone helps one identify the karmic roots of situations, invoking spiritual insight and intuition. Lapis is also a stone for intellectual ability and assists in seeing the truth and articulating it.

3. Amethyst— Healing and Expansion

AmethystAmethyst opens the door to spiritual expansion, protection and communication with spirit guides and angels. It clears the energy field of negativity and is thought to balance addictive behavior. Excellent when used in meditation, this stone is said to facilitate brain function. It calms the mind, enhances willpower and amplifies clear thought.

4. Malachite— Protection and Healing

MalachiteMalachite is both healing and protective, making it a good stone to wear or have in your home or workplace. It enhances willpower to stay strong against unhealthy temptations. When placed around your home, it protects against pollutants, toxicity and negative energies. It is said to be helpful to ease migraines and strengthen your immune system.

5. Rose Quartz— Compassion and Positive Energy

Rose QuartzRose quartz is a universal stone of hope and love. It packs wonderful energy that is both healing and energizing. Rose quartz promotes harmony, unconditional love, compassion and understanding by stimulating the heart’s energy and turning it toward love.

6. Black Obsidian—Grounding and Cleansing

Black ObsidianBlack obsidian assists us in seeing our behavior patterns more clearly, opening the way for positive change. It functions as a great ally in helping cleanse unhealthy patterns, turning them into strengths to carry you forward. All forms of obsidian are extremely strong grounding stones connecting us to the heart of the earth.

India Leigh
India Leigh

Intuitive reader, clairvoyant and coach India Leigh empowers others to connect with their own co-creative power, helping them align their energy, thoughts, words and actions with their soul-centered goals and higher purpose to receive more joy, love and abundance in life.

Join India Leigh for a 6-week Soul Awakenings Course starting June 22. Karmic astrologer Susan Reynolds and intuitive reader India Leigh will guide you through an inner journey of discovery as you uncover the mysteries within yourself. For more information and to register, visit 

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