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How to End Intimacy Issues

How to End Intimacy Issues

Dr. Monte D. Slater
Dr. Monte D. Slater

Dr. Monte D. Slater creates an environment where patients feel comfortable discussing sexual health problems. At his facility, state-of-the-art treatments performed by a caring team provide life-changing results.

As a board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Monte D. Slater uses his 30 years of experience with couples to shape a unique environment at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging. Here, women and men can comfortably resolve the intimate issues that have such a tremendous effect on self-esteem, self-confidence, and quality of life. He’s curated a menu of head-to-toe services and recruited a caring staff to ultimately create a culture where every patient feels like family … and that keeps them coming back.

It all begins with a family-run practice. Dr. Slater’s wife, Gail, manages their team of healthcare professionals in a nurturing, maternal way that purposefully trickles down into the patient-care model—one based on the way Dr. Slater would want his own family to be treated. The results speak for themselves.

“Dr. Slater, Mrs. Slater, Cassie [Smith] and all staff are absolutely incredible! Not only do they make you feel like family, they are professional and truly care about their clients,” says former patient Jamie.

“I have [had] two V-Lase® treatments already and I am very happy that I did. It’s worth the money. It’s very comfortable, painless, and an amazing treatment for women like me who have had children,” says R.P.1

Sharing the life-changing treatment options that are available to men and women facing intimacy issues is Dr. Slater’s core mission. He notes the growing number of people who are significantly affected by sexual function issues. “Most want to experience improvement, but don’t think there is anything they can do,” he says.

Among these modern methods are laser treatments (V-Lase®) that can restore tissue and improve function, including the nonsurgical treatment of urinary incontinence, and advanced regenerative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma, amnion, and GAINSWave® (shock wave therapy for men) to treat and restore function in the genital tissue, notes Dr. Slater.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.37.28 AM“My goal is to make every person that I come in contact with feel special and good about themselves,” he says, nodding to his own mentors for the values that have shaped his current practice.

“I want to have some kind of positive impact, whether by providing a treatment for them or just having a conversation about what is bothering them. Patients often tell us we are not like any other practice they have ever been to, and we take great pride in that.” | |

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