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Healthy, Beautiful Skin—CoolSculpting at Aesthetic Specialty Centre

Healthy, Beautiful Skin—CoolSculpting at Aesthetic Specialty Centre

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By: Nhu Le

Aesthetician Kim Bogash
Aesthetician Kim Bogash

Name of treatment center: Aesthetic Specialty Centre

Name of treatment: CoolSculpting

Name of expert performing treatment: Kim Bogash

Treatment length: 35-plus minutes

How should you prep for the treatment?
There is not much prep involved prior to the treatment process. Kim recommended that I bring warm socks and a few healthy snacks in case I got hungry during the process, but other than that, there were no dietary or other restrictions beforehand.

What was the CoolSculpting treatment like? How did your skin feel before, during, and after?
I had read blogs online and looked at different videos and was a little worried that the treatment might be uncomfortable. Kim immediately put me at ease when I walked in the door. She explained the process and that she was a Master CoolSculpter.

She began by taking my measurements before applying a cool gel pad to my lower abdomen. Once the gel pad was on, she placed the applicator on me and it was just a little squeeze and soon enough all I felt was a cool sensation. The process was so relaxing! The machine worked and I watched Netflix and ate a snack unbothered.

Kim Bogash preps a patient for treatment.
Kim Bogash preps a patient for treatment.

The only slightly uncomfortable part came after the treatment when Kim had to massage the area vigorously. Even during this part though, Kim was wonderful, reassuring me that the massage only lasted for two minutes and that the massage would dramatically improve my results. After the treatment, I went back to work, on a run that evening, and out to dinner with friends. All with little to no pain!

Are there any precautions that need to be taken before or after the treatment? (sunscreen, specific face wash, discontinue use of retinol, etc.)
No specific precautions. Kim just encouraged me to maintain a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercising. There was hardly any downtime after the treatment and I was able to go to the gym later that evening.

Who is this treatment ideal for?
This treatment is ideal for anyone with those stubborn unresponsive areas of fat. I work out regularly and do my best to eat healthily but there still seems to be a stubborn pouch of fat at the bottom of my abdomen that won’t go away no matter the number of crunches I do.

What was your favorite part of the treatment?
My favorite part of the treatment was how peaceful the whole experience was. Kim went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable, setting me up with a blanket, snacks, and even teeing up my favorite Netflix show, “Friends.” Of course, I am looking forward to the results as well!

Click here for our Facebook Live with Aesthetic Specialty Centre
Click here for our Facebook Live with Aesthetic Specialty Centre

How often should someone go back for optimal results?
This is a one-time process where you can expect to see a 20- to 25-percent reduction in fat. Depending on the results you are seeking or how many areas you wish to treat, more treatments can be done.

For more information on CoolSculpting, watch our Facebook LIVE at Aesthetic Specialty Centre by clicking above!

Details: 1825 Old Alabama Rd. #201, Roswell, GA 30076;

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