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EMSCULPT | Dermatology Consultants | Masters of Makeover 2018

EMSCULPT | Dermatology Consultants | Masters of Makeover 2018


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Dermatology Consultants is a premier medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology practice in metro Atlanta, and is proud to present EMSCULPT®, the newest treatment at its Aesthetic Body Treatment Centers. EMSCULPT® is the only procedure to help both women and men burn fat, while toning the underlying muscle. Using breakthrough medical technologies, Dermatology Consultants offers revolutionary cosmetic procedures to firm, tighten and sculpt your body. All of the practice’s innovative treatments are surgery-free, completely safe and FDA-approved. The proven results are amazing and last for a long time.

Anyone can benefit from the EMSCULPT® procedure. Treatments are 30 minutes with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 2 to 3 days apart. Each treatment plan is customized by a physician or licensed aesthetician to cater to the patient’s specific needs—ensuring that all of their goals and concerns are addressed. The EMSCULPT® procedure feels like an intensive workout, but you can lie down and relax during the treatment. It is a noninvasive procedure and requires no recovery time or any pre- or post-treatment preparation.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 11.15.44 AMDermatology Consultants continues to be on the cutting edge of the most advanced technologies available in the industry. It is one of the first practices to offer the revolutionary, cutting-edge technology, EMSCULPT®. Dermatology Consultants continues to offer the best body enhancing solutions and technologies for its patients.

To schedule your complimentary EMSCULPT® assessment with the experts at Dermatology Consultants, please call one of its three convenient locations or visit

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