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Day 15 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Basic Full Set of Classic Lashes at The Lash Lounge

Day 15 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Basic Full Set of Classic Lashes at The Lash Lounge

Woman's beautiful, long eye lashes.

By Best Self Staffer: Dawn DeSantis

As a natural blonde, a mom, and an on-the-go professional I have always struggled to maintain the look of long, full lashes throughout the day. The lovely ladies at The Lash Lounge helped me achieve this and more with the Basic Full Set of Classic Lashes. They created a glam look just for me that filled out my lashes and opened up my eyes to showcase my baby blues.

My luxury lash experience began with a personal consultation with my lash stylist, Tiffany Mobley. Tiffany listened attentively as I described my busy schedule and desire for effortless thick lashes.

After my consultation, Tiffany and I decided that classic extensions comprised of silk lashes would be best for an enhanced, but natural look and feel.

To achieve this, Tiffany customized the length, width, and number of extensions needed for each lash based on a process called face mapping. Designed to take my face and eye shape into consideration face mapping suggested the best lash look for me.

For my classic look, she placed longer lashes over all my existing lashes. She assured me the extensions would do no harm to my natural lashes and for a fabulous evening or event she could place up to two or three extensions per lash for an even fuller look.

I was amazed at how easy and comfortable the process was, especially considering that I am jumpy when it comes to my eyes. To combat this, Tiffany placed soothing pads around my lashes to calm my eyes and make the process simple and stress-free.

Overall, the process took about two hours and the results were dramatic. The lashes looked and felt real and I was amazed at how much they opened up my face!

The Lash Lounge is currently offering first time guests their first full set of classic lashes for only $89!


For more on this treatment, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Tiffany Mobley and Dawn DeSantis.


Details: 404.948.5274 4600 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342.

Skin Love!

As with any skin care regimen, consistency is the key to overall good results. A consistent daily regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and protection against the sun is a must. Also, don’t forget to get your skin screened in support of good health and skin cancer awareness month.

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