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Nyssa’s Nods: Dermarolling

Nyssa’s Nods: Dermarolling

Woman holding a Dermaroller

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 9.54.12 PMDermarolling, a form of microneedling, has become incredibly popular as people discover that it can reduce scarring, enhance circulation, and even improve the look of stretch marks. More amazing is that one of the highest-rated dermarollers on Amazon was developed by Atlanta entrepreneur Lynda Truong. After spending hundreds of dollars on microneedling sessions, Lynda created the Love & Pebble Microneedle Derma Roller as an affordable ($23) at-home alternative that comes in a kit with four titanium replacement heads and sanitizing cups. Each head has teeny needles that you barely know are there! After rolling, your skin’s regeneration process kicks in, skin care products penetrate easier, and new cells come in. That’s when you get that glow, and Lynda wants us all to shine!


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