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Day 10 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – HydraFacial at Anderson Aesthetics and Hair Restoration

Day 10 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – HydraFacial at Anderson Aesthetics and Hair Restoration

Woman getting hair restoration injections.

By Best Self Staffer: Wyndi Kappes

I was thrilled to find out I had the opportunity to give my acne-prone skin some tender loving care and experience my first high-end facial. For my HydraFacial, Anne Cesae, R.N., designed a custom combination of additives for my needs.

To start the treatment, Anne washed my face in preparation for the exfoliation and gently pressed down on my chest to help kick-start the drainage of fluid through my lymphatic system. Our bodies naturally flush fluid out of our faces, but for various reasons like diet, sleep patterns, and stress, this process doesn’t work as efficiently as we might like. Anne explained that pressing down on the upper part of the chest can help get the fluid moving and clear the face of unwanted puffiness.

HydraFacial treatment at Anderson Aesthetics and Hair Restoration
Anne gently presses on Wyndi’s upper chest to help release fluids and reduce facial puffiness.

The exfoliation was my favorite part of the facial. Using the HydraFacial vortex suction, Anne got dirt, oil, and bacteria out of my face. Once my pores were clean, she added different tips to the HydraFacial machine to infuse my skin with both hyaluronic and salicylic acids to fight my acne. These made my skin feel tingly, like using a strong astringent, but they didn’t hurt at all. Finally, she finished by hydrating my face with skin boosters and antioxidants. It was really like getting three different facials in one!

Afterward, Anne applied a high-quality sunscreen all over my face and neck and advised that I stay out of the sun for the rest of the day. Other than that, there was really no downtime. My face was immediately glowing and felt so clean! Per Anne’s recommendation, I would love to have this treatment once a month. The team at Anderson Aesthetics and Hair Restoration is very knowledgeable and they do a nice job of making sure their clients understand their options. They provide expert advice to ensure everyone gets the most out of their skin treatments.

Facebook_LiveFor more on this treatment, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Anne Cesae, R.N. and Wyndi Kappes.

Details: 404. 256.4247. 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342.

Skin Love!

As with any skin care regimen, consistency is the key to overall good results. A consistent daily regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and protection against the sun is a must. Also, don’t forget to get your skin screened in support of good health and skin cancer awareness month.


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