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Day 11 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – ThermiVa® at Preferred Women’s Healthcare

Day 11 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – ThermiVa® at Preferred Women’s Healthcare

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By Best Self Staffer: Kim Cooper

 Tons of women experience different vaginal issues but often feel too embarrassed to talk about this “taboo” subject. I was excited to tell our readers about my experience with a great treatment called ThermiVa®. I know so many women could benefit from the results of this easy nonsurgical procedure.

Preferred Women’s Healthcare

Audrey Arona, M.D., of Preferred Women’s Healthcare, and Gabrielle M. Sabini, M.D., of North Atlanta Dermatology, did a fantastic job of explaining the procedure to me and answering any questions I had. I felt at ease most of the time.

The ThermiVa® treatment involves administering low heat and radiofrequency waves to different areas of the vaginal region to remedy a variety of issues such as bladder leakage, painful sex, dryness, sagging or excess skin, or complications from childbirth. The best part about the treatment is that it is totally painless and takes less than an hour. Dr. Arona recommends receiving three different 40-minute treatment sessions. After that, a once a year procedure can be done to help results last.

Dr. Arona was very professional during my treatment and gave me a detailed description of the procedure. Essentially, a small wand that is heated to a regulated temperature is inserted into the vagina. In five-minute increments, the wand gently massages the walls of four areas within the vagina. The heat can be decreased if it’s uncomfortable, however, that was not necessary when I had it done. After the inner portion is completed, outer areas are treated for an additional five to seven minutes, depending on the desired result.

Overall, it was far less painful than any regular pap smear/vaginal exam I have ever experienced. There are two more treatments that occur after the first, but I can already see a drastic change.

Facebook_LiveFor more on this treatment, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Audrey Arona, M.D., and Kim Cooper.

Audrey Arona, M.D., of Preferred Women’s Healthcare

Audrey Arona, M.D., of Preferred Women’s Healthcare


Please visit our website,, for upcoming ThermiVa® informational events and receive a 15 percent discount when you attend and mention Best Self.

If you cannot attend an event, we will still honor the 15 percent discount by having a phone consultation.

Please contact one of the representatives below for more information. We may have to return your call in the evening. Also, include multiple callback time options in your message.

 Dr. Arona: or text Dr. Arona at 678.794.4189



Treatments are available on Saturdays, Monday nights and weekdays at the Preferred Women’s Healthcare office in Lawrenceville and the North Atlanta Dermatology offices in Duluth and Buford.

Call or email to make an appointment: 404.644.8771,

 Details: Preferred Women’s Healthcare: 770.962.5100. 500 Medical Center Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

North Atlanta Dermatology Duluth: 770.814.8222. 3850 Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth, GA  30096.

North Atlanta Dermatology Buford: 770.814.8222. 3331 Hamilton Mill Rd., Buford, GA  30519.


Skin Love!

As with any skin care regimen, consistency is the key to overall good results. A consistent daily regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and protection against the sun is a must. Also, don’t forget to get your skin screened in support of good health and skin cancer awareness month.


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