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Damsel Debuts: What to Expect from Atlanta’s New Cabaret & Supper Club

Damsel Debuts: What to Expect from Atlanta’s New Cabaret & Supper Club

Damsel Atlanta

Get ready, Atlanta, for an unprecedented addition to the dining and nightlife scene! Damsel Atlanta, a 10,000-square-foot multi-level venue, is making its mark with a supper club, rooftop lounge, and cabaret stage, courtesy of the same creative minds behind Sandy Springs’ beloved restaurant, The Select.

Damsel BarNow open, Damsel Atlanta promises an exhilarating experience unlike any other in Atlanta. Boasting a dazzling cabaret show that seamlessly transitions into a 70s, 80s, and 90s dance club, this venue is poised to inject vibrant energy into The Works on Atlanta’s Upper Westside. “Atlantans, across all demographics, are looking for fun, memorable experiences, and we’re creating Damsel to deliver precisely that to everyone who chooses to visit,” owner Dave Green shared exclusively with Best Self. “It will be an experience like no other.”

With an Art Deco aesthetic reminiscent of the spectacular cabarets of the 1920s, Damsel Atlanta’s interior features ornate gold chandeliers, mixed patterns, and plush velvet curtains that envelop guests upon arrival. Interior designed by Smith Hanes and furniture fashioned by Ann Design, the space offers something for everyone, whether you’re popping in for light bites and a few performances or staying all night to enjoy the disco and midnight breakfast.

What Will the Cabaret Shows at Damsel Atlanta Look Like?

When Green found Otis Sallid, one of the premier Broadway-trained choreographers/directors in both New York and Hollywood, it catapulted the project to a completely new level. With a resume encompassing four decades of popular culture, Sallid happily stepped in as Producer and Creative Director of Damsel. 

Loren RoskoSallid is spearheading the cabaret show alongside seven female dancers and one singer– think Burlesque meets Broadway. When casting the lead singer, Sallid looked all over the country. But, when he found Atlanta-based TikTok creator Loren Rosko, who used her 20’s singing style to amass nearly 2 million followers, Sallid knew nobody was more suited for the role.

In order to allow guests to chat and enjoy their food, the cabaret performances will occur in waves, with short breaks in between. The cabaret will blend contemporary and traditional tunes, adapted to suit the retro ambiance of the venue. Enhancing the stage, a 16-foot by 9-foot LED screen will showcase captivating visual designs crafted by Bradley Bergeron of Ensign Studios.

Food and Drink at Damsel Atlanta 

Foi gras benedictCategorized as a supper club, the bites served at Damsel will consist of smaller, elevated finger foods. When conceptualizing the concept, it was extremely important to Green that no part of the dining experience took away from guests being present. “We don’t want your attention focused down at your plate, cutting your food. We want you to be taking in what’s around you,” Green notes.

Executive Chef Julian Parker and his classically trained team experiment with unique, globally-inspired cuisine like their crab canapés, lobster cones and foie gras benedict in order to deliver a burst of flavors, all in one succinct bite. Aside from the bites in the supper club, guests can find a private space on-site for exclusive, members-only dining as well as a rooftop lounge with interactive food carts for display cooking and midnight breakfast.Lobster Cone

Green and Sallid don’t simply want to birth a new entertainment venue, but instead, they desire Damsel to breathe new life into the ever-expanding cultural landscape of Atlanta. With the intention of inclusivity, the team at Damsel has worked tirelessly to create an intergenerational atmosphere that invites all walks of life. 

With a passionate background in competitive dance himself, Dave Green always dreamt of creating a restaurant and showplace with dynamic, engaging elements that always held space for dancing. “Damsel feels like a culmination of a lifelong dream for me,” shared Green.

Damsel is open now, alongside over 40 tenants in The Works.

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