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Cassandra Velasco-Adams: Healing Lives One Family at a Time

Cassandra Velasco-Adams: Healing Lives One Family at a Time

Cassandra Velasco-Adams

40 Under 40 Inspiring Innovators Top 10 Winner

Helping women and children heal by giving them tools to reclaim control of their lives was a job Cassandra Velasco-Adams couldn’t ignore. Seeing the tangible passion and genuine support system at the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence (WRCDV), this East Atlanta Village mom’s role quickly shifted from volunteer to an impactful career as the Director of Children’s Programming.

Q: What do you hope kids learn from your podcast?

Cassandra Velasco-Adams: The “Wait, Is It My Turn to Talk Now?” podcast is all about kids sharing their real stories of recovery from difficult situations. My hope is that children feel seen, heard and deeply loved despite any traumas they have experienced. I want them to know they are not what they go through, rather they are who they are in spite of what they’ve been through. There is power in that.

Q: Describe a moment during your work that greatly impacted your life.

Cassandra Velasco-Adams: We run a free summer camp, Camp PEACE, for children affected by domestic violence. It’s become a safe place where they can explore their trauma, identify their triggers and learn to make decisions that reflect peace rather than the violence. Getting to help children understand these things and realize their hopes and dreams is the most impactful work of all.

Q: How can readers give back to the WRCDV?

Cassandra Velasco-Adams: Readers can learn more about our services, opportunities to volunteer and give on our website. We also have 24-hour crisis line at 404.688.9436 for anyone experiencing domestic violence.,

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