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Atlanta’s Fitness Motivators

Atlanta’s Fitness Motivators

1-Anderson-Jason-no-effect cred-himselfInspirational Fitness Quotes

“Awareness is in the breath flow. Inhale, exhale and emerge from the cloudiness of anxiety or doubt! Get out of your own way and pave a path to easier relationships with the external.”

— Jason Anderson, Calmtivity Yoga,


2-Chatelain-Maureen cred-Jean-Luc-Chatelain Pink-BarreKeep it simple. Find a workout that you love to do. Find people that you love to workout with. Be consistent.”

— Maureen Chatelain, Pink Barre,


3-Bridgers-Emily cred-Caleb-Peavy“Ditch the long cardio sessions for heavier lifting – even the women. Find proper instruction in doing so! Try out a few CrossFit gyms nearby and see if it is a good fit for you. Have fun with your fitness. Find a friend to keep you accountable and embrace the suck factor together!”

— Emily Bridgers, CrossFit Terminus,



4-Tanker-Potts-Lisa cred-Boutique-Body-Fitness“Each day, take action to reach your fitness goals. The positive effects of physical activity on our mental well-being are truly amazing. So this year, view fitness as a tool that can enhance your life.

— Lisa Tanker-Potts, Boutique Body Fitness,


5-Dothard-Robert“I’m almost 54 and feel as good as I did in college. The good news for all of us is that no matter where you are today, you can improve your health. Start your journey with small steps. For example, this week walk five minutes every day – five minutes! Build a habit, no matter how small, and watch how it can help your health and fitness improve. Start TODAY!”

— Robert Dothard,



6-Castor-Paige need-cred“Making the decision to change your body can be difficult.
It’s very easy to think about, to talk about it, but to actually make up your mind to do it is the hardest part. Start by deciding that you are worth the change and ready to overcome any challenges in front of you.”

— Paige Castor, GRAVITY Studio,


7-Purcell-Cynthia“Group fitness classes are an excellent way to get started on your fitness journey. If you are not there, people notice! The social support from participating in group fitness classes can assist you in accomplishing fitness goals.”

— Cynthia Purcell, X3 Sports,


8-Jandoc-Valerie cred-Valerie-Jandoc“Working out is good for your physical health and your mental health. Even when you fall short of your fitness goals, never stop trying to reach them. Always be persistent.”

— Valerie Jandoc, Pure Barre Buckhead,


9-Roney-Jamie-3 cred-Pure-Barre“Seek an exercise studio that offers a tight knit community. Focus on mental benefits, not solely physical benefits. When studios offer a strong support system, it’s easier to stay motivated and attend regularly.”

— Jamie Czermak Roney, Pure Barre Druid Hills,


10-Varnedoe-Jay cred-Stephen-Marine“Ballroom dancing is a great way to relax and release tension while having fun. Try an East Coast Swing or Cha Cha class to engage and tone every muscle in your body, including your mental muscles.”

— Jay Varnedoe, Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta,


11-Hancock-James“First, know that you are more amazing than you know and strong enough to take new steps toward optimal fitness. Second, know that every step forward, no matter how big or small, is a step in the right direction. Lastly, stay consistent and never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams and goals.”

— James Hancock, III, Orangetheory Fitness Midtown,


12-Payne-Steve cred-House-of-Payne-Personal-Training“In the big picture, having a plan and a timeline for your goals is necessary for success. In fitness, your daily focus should be in every exercise movement you do, engaging the muscles with good form to ensure tone, shape and definition.”

— Steve Payne, House of Payne Personal Training,


13-Jones-Holly-high-res cred-Bob-Capazzo“Every body is different, and that means everyone’s goals are different! No matter where you start or how challenging the journey, never quit. The hardest days will make you feel the most accomplished.”

— Holly Jones, exhale Spa Avalon,



14-Pallo-Dani cred-Carlos-TapiaFind a workout that leaves your soul a little happier. I started teaching indoor cycling because, for the first time in my life, I found a workout that lit me up from the inside out. It transformed me. I wanted to share that feeling.”

— Dani Pallo, Flywheel Sports Buckhead and Flywheel Sports Midtown,




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