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Atlanta Fun: From Gardening to Gaming, Do Something Different This Weekend!

Atlanta Fun: From Gardening to Gaming, Do Something Different This Weekend!

Succulents in various pots in front of a blue wall

Can You Dig It?

ABM Staff at Pike Nurseries with succulentsBy Katherine Sauceda 

If you’re looking to enhance your skills in cultivation, you’ll want to dig into one of the many classes held at Pike Nurseries, like the one our Best Self Atlanta/Atlanta Best Media team recently did during a Team Activity Day outing.

In the roughly 45-minute Make and Take Houseplant Succulent class (at the Buckhead location) led by Matt Mehlberg, we got the dirt on the basics of planting and caring for succulents. This beginner-friendly workshop started with a brief explanation of the plants we would be working with—echeverias, hens and chicks, and sedums.

As each team member selected two plants (our art director, Dona Halliday, courageously selected four plants and two pots), massaged the roots to loosen them, and planted the pair in a clay pot with fresh soil, Mehlberg described simple tips to assure our succulents’ survival. His advice included how much sunlight the flora needed, soil enhancements like Dynamite Cactus & Succulent Food, and more. Luckily for those with busy schedules, our little buddies only need water once or twice a month.

Did You Know?

Houseplants do more than look pretty in our homes or at our desks. Adding greenery to our spaces may even keep us healthy. A study of hospital patients by Kansas State University researchers found that those with plants in their rooms had less fatigue and anxiety, needed less pain medication, and had lower blood pressure and heart rates. In addition, according to research by NASA, succulents can purify the air by removing 87% of volatile organic compounds. Who knew such a small addition could make such a big difference

Once the class came to a close, our entire team walked away feeling more confident than ever in our ability to nurture our new additions. Whether a beginner or a pro, you can upgrade your gardening skills (and even your health!) with the Pike Nurseries team.

Details: 4020 Roswell Rd. NE., Atlanta;

Get GamingPeople playing an arcade game

Take a trip back in time at Arcadia at Red Door Tavern. The 800-square-foot space attached to the popular late-night hangout is reminiscent of an ’80s arcade and houses 19 classic games (more are on the way) such as Ms. Pac-Man, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, and Jurassic Park III. The walls are even adorned with murals of beloved game characters like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Stop in with your dinner date or before hitting the town with the girls and you’re sure to feel like a kid again.

Details: 3180 Roswell Rd., Atlanta;

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