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Best Yoga Studio: Meet 2021 Atlanta Beauty Tour Partner Peach Out Power Yoga

Best Yoga Studio: Meet 2021 Atlanta Beauty Tour Partner Peach Out Power Yoga

Carly Milyo, Karen Patton, and Alena Levine

Areas of Expertise: Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Basic Non-heated Yoga

Influencer Choice Award: Best Yoga Studio

Peach Out Power Yoga in East Cobb is not your typical yoga studio. From the second you step in the door of this adorable and super clean studio, you feel the energy and the love of this unique yoga community.

A Peachout Power Yoga class
A Peach Out Power Yoga class

The studio has a reputation for a fun, laid-back interpretation of traditional yoga, but don’t be fooled, the classes are certainly not laid back. Plan on getting the work out of your life if you choose a hot power yoga class. These instructors may be fun, but they do not mess around. While slinging jokes and jamming tunes, they manage to kick your booty and somehow you still love every second.

Peach Out has a little something for everyone, which makes their clientele very diverse. They offer a variety of classes ranging from non-heated to hot yoga, hot sequence, yogalates, yin, slow flow, slow burn and more.

They are also continuing to offer outdoor classes through the summer months for those not ready to be inside a yoga studio. There are 13 instructors, all with unique personalities and styles, that wrap up into one perfect little package. They are the best gig in town, and you can’t not love it here. They offer a new client special of two weeks for $20 for you to give them a shot.

Rhiannon Tzimenatos
Rhiannon Tzimenatos

“We took her *HOT POWER 60* class which was a hot yoga class with strenuous and challenging sequences that had me sweating in no time. I even learned how to do a reverse chaturanga which felt amazing!! Karen is authentic … the real deal and I promise you’ll enjoy your experience.” —Rhiannon Tzimenatos, @rhi.tzimenatos

Learn more about the amazing teachers and classes Peach Out Power Yoga here.

3162 Johnson Ferry Rd., Ste. 440, Marietta


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