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A Minca Miracle for the Most Common Cause of Hair Loss in Women

A Minca Miracle for the Most Common Cause of Hair Loss in Women

A Minca Miracle HairRegen

By Grattan Woodson, MD, FACP

“Hair is all over the place—my clothes, my carpet, my sofa, and my car. It’s everywhere, especially in my shower drains. When is it ever going to end?”  The good news is that the shedding will end soon. At last, effective treatment for chronic telogen effluvium (CTE), the second most common cause of women’s chronic hair shedding, has arrived. The treatment is a simple-to-administer scalp spray used twice daily called Minca Scalp Spray.

women's hair lossThe Chronic Shedding Cause

Chronic telogen effluvium usually follows an episode of acute telogen effluvium (ATE). ATE is common and occurs for a great many reasons. It spontaneously resolves in 90% of women. CTE has several common features, including the loss of the ability to grow hair much longer than 6 inches, significant thinning of hair on both temples, and generalized thinning of hair on the entire head but with no scalp exposure.

The tireless work of hundreds of dedicated researchers has led to some definitive answers about this puzzling disease that provide insights into its nature. The key discovery was that the hair follicle has only a few ways it can respond to insults and CTE is one of them. In simplest terms, CTE is a disease of the hair cycle. The normal hair growth cycle lasts 6 years but in CTE it has been short-circuited resulting in its premature termination after only 18 to 24 months. When the cycle is terminated, the hair shaft is ejected from the follicle and lost from the scalp as the hair is shed. This is why women with CTE can’t grow their hair much longer than 6 inches.

Hair follicles are naturally out of sync with each other so when a hair needs to be replaced it is not likely to be too close to another one undergoing the same thing. With CTE since the cycle length is shorted so much hair is always being terminated. This explains why your hair is constantly shedding. While there is constant loss of hair and the hair is much thinner as a result, there is no loss of scalp cover because for every lost hair a new one is coming in to replace it and the lost hair is out of sync with each other.

A Minca Miracle

Armed with this knowledge we crafted Minca Scalp Spray designed specifically for women. Minca Scalp Spray gets the hair cycle back on track. Its inherent pharmaceuticals, hormones, and antihormones affecting the DNA of the hair follicle stem cell and provide the hair follicle with a protective environment. Minca Scalp Spray increases the blood flow to the base of the hair follicle, which increases the delivery of protein, minerals, fats, and all the many inputs needed to produce hair. These features of Minca Scalp Spray result in the gradual recovery of a normal hair cycle over time.

Our treatment services are not covered by insurance or Medicare. For a more information about our treatment services and the fee for our treatment services please visit our website at or call Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373.

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