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2019 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Nonsurgical Aesthetics—Candace Atkins of Doctors Anti-Aging Institute

2019 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Nonsurgical Aesthetics—Candace Atkins of Doctors Anti-Aging Institute

Candace Atkins
Candace Atkins

In addition to providing outstanding aesthetic services, the new Doctors Anti-Aging Institute facility offers training to practitioners on the latest treatments. Candace Atkins is driven to educate patients on all of the resources available to help them achieve their goals.

What inspired you to pursue this path?

I started in the trenches of the AIDS epidemic. I owned a medical staffing company and I was getting desperate calls from people looking for any medical professional willing to touch an AIDS patient. I’m not talking about treating AIDS, more like rehabbing a broken ankle, treating a cold, things like that. AIDS patients had nowhere to go. I started volunteering and eventually opened my first AIDS clinic. I made the leap into anti-aging because I was working with a lot of men who had issues. And from there it grew into treating women. And to be honest, as I started to age, I set out to find practical and ethical medical treatments that could cure many of the issues me and my patients were suffering from. And because my AIDS background has ingrained a need in me to educate, I have to share everything I know with my fellow colleagues.

Today, there are highly effective treatments that can reverse the signs of aging without surgery. What are some of these groundbreaking treatments that readers over 40 should know about?

  • Most people know about the multineedled pen for microneedling, but almost no one in the industry has seen the new pens with one needle that goes to multiple depths and keeps the heat just at the tip. You can watch under-eye bags disappear with one needle stick. It’s incredible.
  • I’m excited to bring Transfirm© to Atlanta. It’s a face and neck procedure that combines two different types of radio-frequency microneedling with a nitrogen plasma skin regeneration system and the results are unbelievable. We can now achieve results that were believed to only be achievable through surgery. For instance, a patient of ours was told the only way to get rid of all that sagging skin around his neck was with surgery. It only took four treatments to pull all that skin back and give him a chiseled jawline again. It’s painless and has a very short downtime.
  • We’re seeing a growing number of men and women wanting a chin lift. I prefer the AGNES machine chin lift over Kybella® but we offer both.
  • The vampire platelet-rich plasma face-lift is also a popular choice because it’s inexpensive, has excellent results, and practically no downtime. | |

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