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Why You May Need Orthotic Support

Why You May Need Orthotic Support

As you walk, your heel swings from side to side very slightly like the pendulum on a clock.  If however, your heel swings too far when you walk or run, your foot may be overpronating, or flattening too much.  This incorrect movement stresses and weakens parts of your foot.   Over time, you may develop symptoms in your feet ranging from a change in shape to pain when you walk.

Custom-made orthotics are medical devices that support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together as nature intended, to make each step you take pain-free. Unlike shoe inserts bought over the counter however, custom-made orthotics are built from molds of your feet to meet your unique needs.  They’re typically made with comfortable thermoplastic materials, which are guaranteed to last for years, and can be designed to fit in dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and skates.

Who will Benefit the most from Custom Orthotics?

Custom-made orthotics can relieve many different types of foot pain including:

  • heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • arch pain
  • pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics
  • pain related to diabetes
  • pain experienced by senior citizens
  • and many other kinds of foot pain related to bunions, trauma, sprains, and other disorders.

Won’t a store-bought arch support work as well?
Arch supports merely push against the arch when you are standing and are not designed with the dynamic needs of your foot in mind.  Although a $15.00 arch support can be of some help, they are very limited and are manufactured in bulk to fit an “average foot” (whatever that is).  Just like eyeglasses must be designed to meet the specific needs of your eyes, orthotics must be designed to treat the unique requirements of your feet.

What are the special needs of people who engage in sports?
Sports activities result in unusually high amounts of movement and pressure on the foot.  Slight imbalances in the foot, not dangerous or detectable under everyday circumstances, may render you vulnerable to injury with the extra stress of sports activity.  By eliminating the need for your muscles to compensate for these “hidden” imbalances, orthotics reduce fatigue and promote the kind of efficient “muscle memory” that’s crucial to outstanding performance.  Orthotics help absorb these pressures and can reduce abnormal rotation and side-to-side movement.  Walkers, runners, rollerbladers/skaters, tennis players, cyclists, skiers, baseball players, soccer players, or anyone who engages in sports will benefit.

It is important to note that by aiding foot control or movement, orthotics not only improve the function of the feet, but also of the legs and torso as well.  Often the difference is noted immediately.

How much do orthotics cost?
Doctors charge $500-$1000 for orthotics prescribed in the office.  We charge $360.00 per pair including a full gait analyses.  If you order a second pair at any time (such as one for work and one for sports), we will give you an additional discount of $50.00 on the second pair.

Our Board-Certified Pedorthists have successfully treated thousands of patients with custom-made orthotics since 1997.

For more information on orthotics or any of your foot care concerns, please contact us today!

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