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Want your hair back and skin that looks 20 years younger?

Want your hair back and skin that looks 20 years younger?

Dr. Ken Anderson smiles at the camera

Dr. Ken Anderson - Perfect Day PhotosOver 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board Hair Restoration and Skin Care Expert: Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS

Anderson Center for Hair & Aesthetics,

For years, Dr. Ken Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair & Aesthetics has been a leader in the world of modern hair restoration. Now, with the addition of aesthetics, his practice is the go-to for hair loss treatment and skin that glows.

How do I get my hair back?

Are the days of hair plugs really gone? The introduction of the ARTAS® Robotic System was a technological quantum leap forward in the field of hair restoration surgery. Compared to a traditional, linear hair extraction with a scalpel, robot-assisted hair restoration surgery is less painful and offers a quicker recovery time. Additionally, because there is no linear scarring, which is a telltale sign of traditional hair restoration surgery, it allows clients to have short haircuts.

Before and After 1What other new treatments are available for hair loss?

Hair restoration continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In addition to robotic technology, we also have stem-cell therapy and low-level laser therapy treatments available.

What will my hair restoration experience be like?

We are a world-class center that is specifically for people with hair loss. I do all of the consultations personally, and we offer a very comfortable environment in a private facility. No patients meet face-to-face, and we only do one procedure per day. That way we can dedicate all of our time and effort to each particular case.

How can I make my 40-year-old skin look 20 years younger?

What are some of the hottest antiaging skin care treatments?

The Fractional Antiaging Treatment is amazing and helps to build and strengthen collagen, diminish fine lines, and resurface the skin. Microneedling is also wonderful for improving pore size, and reducing sun damage and wrinkles.

Tell us more about your signature facials.

Whether you need pampering or clinical correction, we have you covered. We offer a basic facial, seasonal specialty facials, a 24K Gold Facial, the Fire and Ice Facial, and advanced clinical facials.

Before and After 2What skin care lines do you recommend?

We’re huge fans of iS Clinical’s superior quality cleansers, treatments, moisturizers, and sun protectants. These have been a mainstay of clinical skin care for more than a decade. Plus, Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals is our favorite new product for targeted corrections. It can extend the life of Botox® and treat multiple concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and more.

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