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The 3 Secrets to Finding Love

The 3 Secrets to Finding Love

By Trey Humphreys

Do you remember your first French kiss? I do. It was traumatic. I was in sixth grade and almost threw up. However, I survived and have been chasing love ever since. I even wrote a book about it. After interviewing a gazillion people about finding love, I’ve realized it’s simple if you know the three secrets.

Love yourself.

Love your life.

Say yes to adventure.

If you genuinely love yourself, you will have the courage to engage with others. If you love your life, you will radiate passion, happiness, fun and joy. Finally, if you say yes to adventure, it will take you to new places with new experiences where you will find new people.

If you are struggling to find someone, do an inventory of the three secrets. Do you like yourself when nobody is around? Are you excited about your life? Do you say yes to new adventures?

I have owned bars, restaurants and a party bus company called The Fur Bus. These businesses gave me a front-row seat to men and women trying to find love. The happiest girl in the bar always gets the most attention. Not the prettiest.

People with passion are intoxicating. Find someone passionate about their life, job or hobby and you will be drawn to their energy.

Finally, say yes to new experiences. You just might find your new lover at a hot air balloon festival or the dreaded Super Bowl party at your co-worker’s apartment.

Spend the next month focusing on the three love secrets. If you do, love will walk right into your life. Money-back guarantee.


Trey Humphreys has a track record of creating unforgettable experiences designed to facilitate meaningful connections. Genuine interest in other people has resulted in an event company, a bar and restaurant business, a DJ business, a coaching certification, a podcast, a blog and travel to over 100 countries. Humphreys released his first book, Love Is Bananas, in 2020 and is currently working on his next one., @treygoesglobal

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