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Sweat with the Best

Sweat with the Best

People doing push ups during workout class.

Atlanta Fitness Classes to Try

By Amelia Pavlik

Barre, spinning, high-intensity interval training—these days, there is a workout class option on every corner from Atlanta to Alpharetta. And deciding which type of class to try and where to try it can be as exhausting as the workout itself.

That’s why we’re here to make your life a little easier. Best Self has pulled together a list of 17 classes to try at studios and clubs throughout the city. Read on to find out which ones might be a fit for you.

P-1Barre3: Signature Class

This hour-long barre class is inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and Pilates. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, instructors will guide you through movements that tone all major muscle groups and strengthen your body.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Free parking

Cost: New clients get three classes for $30

Words of Wisdom: “We know trying something new can be intimidating, and our mission is to make each class enjoyable and effective for everyone in the room,” says Jessica Walton, Barre3 South Buckhead instructor/client relations manager.

Multiple locations,



If you’re looking to punch and kick your way to better shape, this 45-minute option might be for you.
BURNBox is a high-intensity class consisting of plyometrics and pounding the bag with punches, kicks, elbows and knees. The goal is to make beginners and seasoned professionals sweat equally.

Childcare: Coming soon

Awesome Amenity: Heart rate monitors

Cost: New clients get five classes for $55

Words of Wisdom: “Treat this class like an adult game of Simon Says,” says Matthew Callahan, BURNbox program director.

3575 Durden Dr. NE, Brookhaven, (770) 837-0051,


P-2Chaos Conditioning: CHAOS

This one-hour, high-intensity interval training class will take you through stations that range from resistance work on TRX bands to running on a self-propelled treadmill.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Full locker room with showers and sauna

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t be intimidated! We try to have as much fun as we can while still making the class challenging and effective,” says Jeff Baird, owner. “You will only be competing with yourself, and will always have the support of the group behind you.”

The Forum Athletic Club, Lenox Square Mall, 3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 590-5852,


Concourse Athletic Club: Fitness Quest

This one-hour class will keep your body guessing by utilizing a mixture of strength work and aerobic movements as it progresses through all areas of the club, including the outdoor spaces.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Well-lit tennis courts

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: “Arrive a few minutes early, and let the instructor know this is your first time,” says Marianne Baker, group exercise and Pilates director.

8 Concourse Pkwy., Sandy Springs, (770) 698-2000,


P-3CorePower Yoga: Yoga Sculpt

In 60 or 75 minutes, this yoga class incorporates free weights, cardio bursts, and strength training into a vinyasa flow.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Showers

Cost: New students receive a week of free classes

Words of Wisdom: “Keep an open mind, get ready to sweat, and walk away strong and refreshed,” says Alicia Wilson, general manager for the Atlanta locations.

Multiple locations,


Cyc Fitness: CYC45

During this 45-minute indoor cycling class, you’ll move through endurance intervals and weighted sectors that are inspired by more than 20 different sports movements from boxing to volleyball.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary shoe rental

Cost: New clients get three rides for $60

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t forget to hold your core—or what you might call your ‘abs’—in the entire class,” says Caroline Seagraves, lead cycologist. “It’s always being worked.”

3393 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 698-4343,


P-4Exhale: Core Fusion Extreme

In this 60-minute, high-intensity workout, you’ll move through five power stations (that incorporate tools like TRX bands, weights, and core balls) with mini active breaks in-between. The routine changes monthly so the workout stays fresh.

Childcare: No.

Awesome Amenity: Fitness shop

Cost: First two classes for the price of one ($25)

Words of Wisdom: “Bring sneakers,” says Alexandria Stubbs, studio director of the Inman Park location.

Multiple locations,


P-5FORME: Barre Fusion

Combine big movements with small movements for both upper and lower body in this 55-minute, barre-based class.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary hair accessories

Cost: $15 per class

Words of Wisdom: “Feel free to take the class at whatever pace you need,” says Donna Burke, owner. “We’re just here to give you the max number of reps you can get!”

365 Peachtree Hills Ave. NE, Atlanta, (404) 668-1947,


Pure Barre: Signature Class

This 55-minute total body workout will lengthen and strengthen your muscles by focusing on your arms, abs, seat, and thighs. And since Pure Barre is low impact and restorative, it’s an option for people of all fitness levels.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Complimentary healthy snacks like apples and KIND bars

Cost: Three-class pack for $30 for new clients

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t compare yourself to others—just focus on you,” says Katy Bayless Gibson, Pure Barre Virginia-Highland and Pure Barre Decatur owner.

1402 North Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, (404) 883-3882,


SculptHouse: StrengthSculpt

In 50 minutes, the M3 Megaformer will take you through a workout that delivers endurance, cardio, core, balance, and flexibility training.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Fitness shop

Cost: First class is $15

Words of Wisdom: “Don’t be intimidated by the machines,” says Katherine Mason, founder and CEO. “Yes, they look scary. Your first class will be challenging, but each class you take will make you more familiar with names of the moves.”

3167 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, (470) 553-0080,


Stellar Bodies: Full Body

Get ready for a 50-minute, full-body workout with a Megaformer machine, which uses springs and pulleys to provide resistance without putting impact on your joints.

Childcare: No—but well-behaved children have been allowed to sit in on a class.

Awesome Amenity: Filtered water

Cost: First class is $10

Words of Wisdom: “Arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow for time to get to know the Megaformer,” says Amy Selig, studio co-owner.

Multiple locations,


The Bar Method: Mixed Level

This one-hour format utilizes the strength, stamina, and flexibility of ballet training, and pairs it with the alignment and physiological principles of physical therapy.

Childcare: At the Lenox location on Mondays and Wednesdays during the 9:45 a.m. class

Awesome Amenity: Varies by location

Cost: $85 for 30 days of unlimited classes

Words of Wisdom: “This is unlike any workout you may have tried before,” says Melissa White, owner and master teacher. “It’s OK if it doesn’t come naturally to you. If you can push through the first 60 minutes, you’ll never look back!”

Multiple locations,


P-6Thunderbolt Power Yoga: Power Flow

Set to a rocking playlist, this 60-minute signature class aims to connect breath to rhythm, and beat to body in an 85- to 90-degree room.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenities: A cool towel doused in essential oils to end each class

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: “People often ask me if I have a minute to show them how to hop into a handstand—but I can’t teach someone this in a minute or even five,” says Carly Grace Hinchman, founder. “So, be sure to check out the Fundamentals of Flying class. It’s the foundation class that each yogi needs to incorporate various inversions into her flow.”

3872 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, (404) 556-1605,


P-7TruAlliance Fitness: CrossFit

TruAlliance offers CrossFit class sessions, which provide effective and efficient workouts that incorporate compound movements like Olympic lifts and gymnastic exercises. For example, most workouts are short—not more than 30 minutes (not including the warm up or mobility work).

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: A discount at Jeju Sauna

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: “CrossFit is a high-intensity sport, meaning that it opens athletes up to the risk of injury if certain exercises are not properly executed,” says Erick Colindres, owner. “So, work on form and technique first.”

3555 Gwinnett Place Dr., Duluth, (678) 916-0610,


Vesta Movement: Kickboxing

Vesta Movement offers up a high-intensity cardio kickboxing class where guests can burn up to 1,000 calories over 60 minutes.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Wrap and glove rental is complimentary for your first class

Cost: First class is free

Words of Wisdom: “Be prepared to sweat—and have a blast,” says Missy Mostrom, owner and trainer.

774 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta, (404) 281-1121,


West Coast Workout: Bench Interval

This 55-minute cardio and strength-building class uses the custom West Coast Workout benches, which are tools that incorporate the core muscles in a unique way by adding variation and angles.

Childcare: No

Awesome Amenity: Rainfall spa shower with essential oil-infused natural products

Cost: Mention this article and your first class will be free
Words of Wisdom: “Bring a towel—you’ll earn every drop of sweat on your body,” says Tammy Stokes, founder.

107 West Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, (404) 467-0602,


P-8Windy Hill Athletic Club: Battle

Train for strength, speed and power using battle ropes and bodyweight movements in this 30-minute workout. Participants can modify any movement, according to their fitness level.

Childcare: Yes

Awesome Amenity: 50-foot climbing wall

Cost: First class is complimentary with a guest pass

Words of Wisdom: “Be prepared for anything and be ready to work,” says Karen Foley, general manager. “This class will elevate your heart rate and strengthen all of your muscle groups.”

135 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, (770) 953-1100,


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