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What is Regenerative Medicine?

What is Regenerative Medicine?

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Regenerative medicine builds from the body’s natural ability to heal by using re-engineered human tissue to accelerate healing and reverse cellular degeneration. New products are coming out in the market, and services are being sold in doctors’ offices and medical spas that use specialized bioproducts that act as a catalyst for the body to enact self-healing. You may hear them referred to as stem cells or exomes.

These regenerative medicine treatments use high-quality tissue allograft drive from minimally manipulated human tissue derived from the ethically donated umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissue. They are often offered as an injectable, topical solution or patch designed to accelerate and stimulate the human body’s innate repair mechanisms. These products use these powerful components to accelerate healing and reverse cellular degeneration.

These regenerative therapies use allografts to regrow, repair, or replace damaged or diseased tissue. As a result, patients benefit from various issues, such as a faster recovery from a resurfacing facial peel to reduced scarring from joint replacement surgery. Regenerative treatments span medical specialties to enhance healing for patients facing minor and major medical conditions at all stages of life.

These products include minimally manipulated human tissue derived from the ethically donated umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissue. These powerful components accelerate healing and reverse cellular degeneration.

Common Treatments That Use Regenerative Medicine

Hair Loss

Regenerative medicine reduces hair loss’s impact on men and women. Applied typically as an injectible to the scalp or applied topically in conjunction with the microneedling of the scalp to regenerate follicles to achieve new hair growth and thickening. In addition, the application protects against infection, reduces inflammation, and minimizes scarring. Regenerative medicine also works as an early intervention to renew hair follicles and produce thickening for thinning hair. As hair loss technology advances, human growth factors act as a catalyst to prevent hair loss and revitalize natural hair growth.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments restore skin, remove fine lines, reduce the appearance of age spots, and provide other cosmetic benefits. However, laser treatments may also cause swelling, scarring, and redness. Allograft products accelerate healing to help clients see results more quickly. Applying either our topical or patch products reduces inflammation and heals the skin tissue faster.

Cosmetic Injectables

Regenerative injectables improve skin health and volume to reduce the signs of aging. Our products work as a standalone injectable treatment or in combination with other injectables. The goal of injectable treatment is to stimulate healthy tissue growth, which can slow the loss of collagen. The impact of allograft injectable products may even last longer than other injectable treatments.

Dr. Jonathan Goss is the Founder and President of LUX Diagnostics, LUX Leaf Diagnostics & LUX Therapeutics. Dr. Jonathan L. Goss is a native of Houston Texas, graduate of Morehouse College, Emory School of Medicine, former resident student at Ohio State University School of Emergency Medicine and now doctor turned entrepreneur.


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