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The Best Aesthetic Treatments to Get Ready for The Holidays

The Best Aesthetic Treatments to Get Ready for The Holidays

Looking to put your best face forward this holiday season? We sat down with OPAL Aesthetics’ Dr. Kristina Price to talk about the best ways to prep for this season’s many festivities and how to keep your glow going all year long.

Q: What aesthetic treatments are best for a pre-holiday party glow?
When it comes to quick treatments that’ll have you shining before your next soiree, you want to look for procedures with short downtime. Any kind of Botox and fillers are great. You typically only have about two hours, not even, of downtime—making it a great pre-party procedure. Laser procedures also have minimal downtime. So if you have somewhere to go for the weekend, then you could come in and do a nano peel or a micro laser peel early in the week, and you would be fabulous for the weekend. Microneedling procedures also have a 24-hour turnaround. If you are looking for something without downtime, try BBL or broadband light therapy, which diminishes sunspots and evens skin tone and complexion.

Q: What can I do to keep my skin hydrated during wintertime?
We have many Revision products that are fantastic for renewing skin. The Firming Night Cream is great to use every night before bed. Hydrating Serum by Revision is also great to do twice a day and gives you a nice, refreshed appearance. It’s a humectant—so it’ll hold fluid in the skin and give you a gorgeous glow.

Q: What questions should first-timers ask their aesthetician?
You want to ask about downtime and what you can do to prepare. For example, suppose you’re going in to do fillers or Botox. You want to ensure that you’re not taking aspirin, ibuprofen or your vitamins a few days prior and a few days afterward to reduce or minimize bruising and downtime.

Q: How can I find the right provider for my aesthetic needs?
For starters, you should always search for a provider with experience, especially if they’re doing something minimally invasive like a laser. For injectables, you want somebody with either a plastic surgery background or a dermatology background.

Q: What makes you stand out from other providers?
My depth of professional plastics and ocular experience, combined with my artistic background, sets me apart. I look at everything with a creative eye and stay up to date on the latest procedures to make my vision and your dreams a reality. At OPAL Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on natural-looking results that won’t have you looking like someone else but like your best self.

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