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Reclaim Your Independence from Prostate Problems

Reclaim Your Independence from Prostate Problems

Turn to the award-winning providers at Advanced Urology for comprehensive care and specialty solutions for issues like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). At the six Advanced Urology offices, this team uses the latest technology to resolve bladder and prostate issues, and erectile dysfunction. This technology allows patients to experience faster recovery and higher success rates.

At Advanced Urology, doctors pride themselves on providing innovative, cutting-edge care to people with all types of urologic conditions, from life-complicating to life-threatening. Although benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition that’s unrelated to prostate cancer, it negatively impacts the quality of life of millions of men every year. Advanced Urology gives patients and referring physicians more advanced options to diagnose and successfully treat conditions such as BPH, without a lifetime of medicine or major surgery.P1 AdvancedUrology

Though an enlarged prostate is not always an appropriate topic of conversation, that doesn’t make it any less important. Over 70% of men in their 60s have symptoms of BPH, a condition in which the prostate enlarges as men get older. It is one of the leading reasons men visit urologists.

BPH rarely produces noticeable symptoms in men under the age of 40, but the likelihood of developing symptoms goes up sharply with age. Men in their 50s have a 50% chance of being affected by BPH, and that likelihood reaches 90% by the time a man reaches the age of 80. Men approaching middle age should be on the lookout for symptoms like:

•Frequent need to urinate (eight or more times per day)
•A sudden urgent need to urinate
•Difficulty or delay in starting urination
•Inconsistent urine stream (starts and stops)
•Excessive dribbling after urination
•Frequent nighttime urination (nocturia)
•A sense that you can’t completely empty your bladder (urinary retention)
•Accidental urination or leaking of urine (urinary incontinence)
•A weak or slow urinary stream
•Pain during or associated with urination
•Urine with an unusual smell or color

P2 AdvancedUrology
If you have any of the symptoms above, you may have BPH.
When asked about the solutions available for treating BPH, Dr. Vishal Bhalani who leads the Advanced Urology Johns Creek clinic notes, “The good news is that there is help available, and our team at Advanced Urology has brought the most cutting-edge BPH treatment to metro Atlanta.” The innovative team at Advanced Urology offers a game-changing procedure for those suffering from BPH called UroLift® . “Healing an enlarged prostate with UroLift® offers long-term results without being tied to costly, and often ineffective prescriptions or invasive surgeries with long recoveries,” says Dr. Bhalani.

The physicians at Advanced Urology focus on optimizing the inside of the body so “we can prepare men for the next part of their lives,” says Dr. Neal Patel of the Sandy Springs office. This results in high success rates earned through advanced comprehensive testing and streamlined treatment plans. The team at Advanced Urology is able to relieve patients of the embarrassing and burdening symptoms of an enlarged prostate unlike ever before and improve quality of life., 404-445-1122. Six convenient locations around Atlanta including, Alpharetta, Decatur, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Sandy Springs, and Snellville.
This content for this article is brought to you by Advanced Urology.

UroLift® Changes the Prostate Game

Advanced Urology offers a game-changing procedure called UroLift® to treat an enlarged prostate, evolving the traditional process of medicines, invasive surgery and long recovery into a 10-minute, outpatient procedure with reduced risk, easy recovery and an extremely high success rate. “Patients are back to normal within a few weeks, and some notice an immediate improvement the same day as their surgery,” says Dr. Neal Patel.



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