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Randi Layne, Visionary and Philanthropist

Randi Layne, Visionary and Philanthropist

Randi Layne

From the very first steps on her journey, Randi Layne has believed, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it,” and with this mantra in mind, she’s taken Atlanta by storm. As the visionary CEO of Catwalk Productions, Inc., Layne orchestrates more than just charity fashion shows that have raised thousands for good causes; she engineers platforms for Atlantans to strut not only on stage but sashay confidently toward their aspirations. Now, as she gracefully glides through her 70s, Layne doesn’t merely rest on her laurels; she’s redefining the very essence of elegance, aging and purpose.

What things do you do to ensure that you continue to age well and enjoy life?
I spend quality time with my family, which is pretty much all the time—they are my life’s biggest blessing! Also, I make time to be with friends. Those bonds are always an energy boost. I try to exercise daily and mix it up so it’s different, which helps me stick with it. I eat as healthy as I can for the most part but occasionally indulge without a care. Me time is important, too. Regular facials and skin renewal therapies are part of my routine. Above all, I always try to have a positive attitude and keep negativity out of my life.

When was the last time you tried something new?
Recently, I went to a Jazzercize class with my beautiful daughter and it was a blast! I truly can’t wait to go back. If there was any fear, it was of looking goofy, but then, comparing myself to other people isn’t something I do.

What is the key to staying young at heart?
Never focus on the “number,” say yes more than you say no, spend time alone, try new things, never be your own worst critic, volunteer often and laugh a lot!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Retirement is not a goal of mine. I will continue with Catwalk for as long as possible because it brings me great joy. Collaborating with amazing talent and being part of the creative process to bring design and art to life inspires me. Making a difference, however small, means a lot to me, and I will continue to support causes that speak to my heart. I will travel and seek experiences with and through other cultures to get a better sense of the bigger picture.

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