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Quality Time in Quarantine

Quality Time in Quarantine

Kevin Avery and Daughter workout during quarantine

A look at how families are finding special ways to bond and stay safe this quarantine. 


Two older brothers holding their younger siblings (brother and sister) on their shoulders for photo at Grand Canyon.
Jake, Sloane, Logan and Ridge spending family time on their RV trip.

Michelle Hodgson loaded her kids Jake, Sloane, Logan, and Ridge into the RV and went on a cross-country adventure, taking advantage of their unexpected time together. 







Little girl looking at sunshine chalk drawing on her driveway.
Mikki Sylvester’s granddaughter Nyla admiring colorful chalk.

Mikki Sylvester’s shares the joy and color of sidewalk chalk with her young granddaughter, Nyla.







A brother and sister with their black lab doing obstacle course in their driveway.
James and Ava with their dog, Woodford, enjoying an at-home obstacle course.

Jackson and Ava Smith do driveway obstacle courses as a way to stay fit and active, their dog, Woodford, referees. 







Woman and daughter practicing yoga at home.
Andria and her daughter, Victoria, practicing yoga poses at home.

Andria Levine and youngest daughter, Victoria, show off their best Trikonasana (triangle pose) for Instagram. 






Father and son wearing chef coats posing for photo in their kitchen at home.
The Carter’s posing for a picture while preparing a homemade dinner.

The Carter family has made their quarantine extra tasty by spending their time making three-course family meals together.







A father with his two young children sitting in front of a waterfall for photo.
The Adkin’s enjoying the beautiful Amicolola Falls.

Griffin Adkins showed his two little ones, Thatcher & Eloise, the beauty that sits just beyond their backyard at Amicalola Falls.







A girl showing off her colorful, geometrical sidewalk chalk art.
Ella’s beautiful chalk art.

Ella Cooper shows off her magnificent sidewalk chalk masterpiece.








Teenage girl and her dad dancing outside for a "prom" in their yard.
Father-daughter duo dancing in the sunshine.

Alyssa Marotte and her father, Paul, enjoy a father-daughter dance at her surprise prom thrown by her mother, Kristen.







Father holding weight showing off muscles with his daughter holding a dumbbell beside him.
Father-daughter duo enjoy a quarantine work out session.

Kevin Avery lends his personal trainer skills to workout with his daughter, April.







Father and daughter sitting on rocks at the river enjoying nature.
Brian and his daughter, Logan, enjoying nature at the river.

Bryan Myers and Logan Leonard-Myers take their four-legged friend, Cody, to explore the beauty of Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock.


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