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Day 22 of 30 Days of Healthy, Beautiful Skin: PicoWay Laser at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal

Day 22 of 30 Days of Healthy, Beautiful Skin: PicoWay Laser at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal

Woman getting laser tattoo removal.

By Wyndi Kappes

Having second thoughts about that old tattoo? Thanks to the new Advanced Pico Laser Technologies PicoWay treatment, tattoo removal is one thing you won’t have to think twice about. We joined esthetician and laser manager at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal, Ashley May, as she walked us through the procedure to permanently remove your oops with little to no pain.

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Here are four important things to know about this modern tattoo removal treatment:

  1. It’s quick. The treatment itself only lasts a few minutes depending on the size and age of your tattoo. Say hello to less time sitting in the office and more time enjoying your day.

  2. It removes more. The PicoWay laser removes twice the amount of ink per treatment than other tattoo removal technologies. By the end of your recommended sessions, your tattoo isn’t just faded, it is almost invisible.

  3. It’s pain-free. The experts at Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal prescribe a numbing cream you can apply 90 minutes before the treatment. They also use skin chillers to keep your skin cool during the treatment. The combination of preventative measures along with the low-heat laser means the pain feels (at most) similar to the snap of a hot rubber band.

  4. It’s easy on your skin. This treatment only uses 15 percent of heat used during a standard tattoo removal treatment. Plus, because the heat is so low during the process, there is no scarring involved.

For more about this procedure, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring Ashley May using the PicoWay laser at the Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal Atlanta Office.


Details: 404.920.4753,, 750 Hammond Dr., Atlanta, GA 30328.


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