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Liz Carlile

Liz Carlile

My Best Self: Liz Carlile

Like so many new mothers, Liz Carlile struggled balancing caring for her family, herself, and her career. As she felt less connected to those around her and ultimately not as happy, she knew something had to change.

By Alex McCray

In 2017, Liz launched the blog Motherhood Unstressed to share how she gained control of her life and created her own joy. Today, the certified health coach and founder of her own cannabidiol (CBD) supplement company shows her 20,000 monthly blog visitors how they can do the same through self-care and holistic living.

So many mothers struggle with trying to juggle too much and placing unrealistic expectations on themselves. How were you able to let go of that perfectionist mindset?

That is something I definitely struggled with! My emancipation from that way of thinking came when I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted. The majority of my mental space was taken up by resentment and martyrdom while also feeling like I wasn’t doing or being enough. I decided that my happiness needed to be the priority in order for me to fully give to my children, my marriage, and my work.

I started to carve out nonnegotiable time for myself for yoga, journaling, running, and meditating. It was a shift that completely changed how I felt about myself, and how I interacted with everyone in my life. I was no longer a victim of my circumstances—I was actively running my life, making joy an everyday occurrence, and providing a positive example of self-love to my family.

Holistic living is a big part of your message. What are some of your favorite holistic living practices that you encourage people to try, and why?

I am a big proponent of setting the tone for the day. Carving out space for yourself to connect with who you really are and to the bigger world around you is crucial in feeling loved, supported and connected. Some of my favorite ways to start the day are by drinking a large glass of lemon water, meditating in front of my Joovv red light, journaling for at least three pages, and doing some gentle stretching. How you start the day is dependent on what works best for you, but the ultimate goal should be that when you’re done, you feel strong, happy, and grateful to be alive.


What’s your go-to quick and easy healthy meal?

My favorite way to incorporate a ton of nutrition quickly is to blend a smoothie! I can put a ton of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in, plus some of my favorite adaptogens like ashwagandha and reishi mushrooms, and take it with me. And I typically make more than I need so that I can freeze the rest in Popsicle molds for my kids. It’s so easy and everyone loves it.

You also have a top-rated podcast that is an extension of your blog and you’ve featured big names such as Primal Blueprint founder Mark Sisson. What episode is your favorite and why?

I have had so many amazing guests, and each one has taught me something new and life changing. One of my favorites though was my conversation with Danish actress and author, Marie Tourell Søderberg on the topic of hygge (“hoo-gah”). Hygge is a Danish word for that warm feeling you get when you are comfortable and happy, whether reading a book by the fire with some tea, or having an intimate dinner party with friends. It’s about slowing down and focusing on what really matters. That conversation changed how I spend time with my kids and how I create more opportunities for hygge to occur in my own life.

Who helps you be your best self?

My husband, Sam, is a huge partner in my success. I trust his opinion and his strengths complement my weaknesses insanely well. I also have to say that I help myself be my best self. I make the decision every single day to make self-care the priority in my life, so that I can accomplish my goals and dreams from a place of strength and love.

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