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International Baseball Player Jeret Adair Calls Atlanta Home

International Baseball Player Jeret Adair Calls Atlanta Home

Jeret Adair squares up for a pitch
by Wyndi Kappes, Photography by Elle Wood

Jeret Adair | Age: 33

Sport: Baseball

International Baseball Player

Australia, Puerto Rico, Amsterdam and more — for many, traveling the world is the dream and getting paid to play the game you love while doing it, even better. For Jeret Adair, that dream became a reality when he happened upon an Australian baseball game during a cross-country backpacking trip. A few conversations and a whole lot of baseball later, this pitcher-turned-infielder has spent the past 10 years playing international baseball. Now back in the United States working as an ad tech consultant at Vivial, this multicontinent athlete stays fit locally.

Q: How is international baseball different from Major League Baseball?

Jeret Adair: Baseball is actually a newer game still gaining popularity in most countries, so many Americans who play for international teams function almost as ambassadors for the game. Even in countries with larger professional leagues that attract more enthusiastic crowds, they still look for Americans to help out and teach kids more about baseball. I loved being able to share what I knew with others and learn more about their culture throughout my travels.

Q: How do you stay in shape outside of playing baseball?

JA: I spend a lot of time weight lifting at Concourse Athletic Club. It is practically my second home! Outside of biking and the occasional yoga class, I swear by the benefits of a hot sauna session followed by a cold shower. It really clears your mind and makes you feel refreshed and amazing.

Q: What are some of your other favorite recreational sports?

JA: I like to golf and play all around Atlanta, with my favorite course being Bobby Jones Golf Course. That being said, I prefer a driving range any day because you can just go out there to hit balls, and it’s zero stress and all fun. I also enjoy playing Ping-Pong and often joke with my friends that we should start a Ping-Pong bar in Alpharetta.

Q: What are some of your go-to healthy food favorites?

JA: I love the collard greens from the hot bar at Whole Foods Market and the sushi there is also amazing. The spicy veggie ramen at JINYA Ramen Bar is perfect when I need a pick-me-up after a long weekend. For a game, I have to have ranch sunflower seeds!

Q: Why do you think more men should get involved in nonprofessional sports?

JA: It’s good to keep your competitive fire alive, and playing helps you stay young. Every time you play, it brings back that competitive childlike spirit that you would miss out on otherwise.

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