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Community Craftsman Desmond Mason Founds Men’s Wellness League

Community Craftsman Desmond Mason Founds Men’s Wellness League

Desmond Mason in green nuber-T shirt
by Wyndi Kappes, Photography by Elle Wood Photography.

Desmond Mason | Age: 37

Sport: Tennis

Founder of nüber-T Men’s Wellness League, and Recreational Tennis Player

From basketball to Ping-Pong and tennis, Desmond Mason does it all. But when this busy dad of three couldn’t find it all when it came to his health and wellness, he did something bold — he started his own center for wellness. Founded just two years ago, nüber-T Men’s Wellness League is a unique blend of tailored nutrition, workout plans, medical treatments and more for men all under one roof. This holistic approach helps Desmond and men like him perform their best on and off the court.

Q: What do you think is a common misconception when it comes to men’s health?

Desmond Mason: I think oftentimes people think men don’t need help. We can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and do everything so independently that we don’t need community. We don’t need medical advice or to be encouraged, but we really do. Men need community and care just like everyone else and function best when they are surrounded by those pushing them to be and do their best. That’s part of why I love nüber-T because of the community we’ve been able to create.

Q: What tips would you give to those struggling to stay on track with their fitness?

DM: Set quantifiable goals to track your progress. Check in on a monthly basis instead of every day because that’s really where you will see results. Also, have someone to hold you accountable. I highly recommend workout buddies!

Q: Why do you think a holistic approach to health and wellness is so important?

DM: You can’t achieve true health and wellness without focusing on all aspects. You need a balanced meal and exercise plan, mental healthcare, regular physical checkups, wellness accountability, coaching and more to truly succeed.

Q: What things outside of the norm do you think really help men feel their best?

DM: We have seen a lot of success lately with PRP (platelet-rich therapy) therapy for joint pain and testosterone replacement therapy for overall wellness. A testosterone deficiency can be the difference in a man living his best and most fulfilling life.

Q: Although you play many sports, what is your favorite at this time?

DM: I currently enjoy playing tennis with my 8-year-old daughter. She is taking lessons at Horseshoe Bend Country Club and learning all the important things that come along with playing sports, like teamwork,  how to be graceful in winning and losing and more. I love being a role model for her and treasure the time we get to spend together.

Are you interested in getting involved with nüber-T? Visit their website at and click League Overview to get started!

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