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Jaycina Almond, 27, Founder of The Tender Foundation

Jaycina Almond, 27, Founder of The Tender Foundation

Jaycina Almond

Jaycina Almond knows that even with the appropriate resources and support, motherhood can be immensely difficult. Being a single mother herself since the age of 21, she’s assumed the responsibility of creating a safety net and support system for other single moms in Atlanta. She launched The Tender Foundation in 2020 where she helps provide emergency aid and grocery gift cards and established a diaper bank that provides diapers, wipes and formula for any community families in need.

As the founder of The Tender Foundation, what is the importance of cultivating a support system for single Atlanta moms living on the margins?

To me, everybody deserves access to the material means to live a full and meaningful life and for so many of the single mamas here that’s an uphill battle. Many are fighting rapidly rising housing costs, fighting to keep food in the fridge because of inflation and enduring systemic racism– just to name a few hurdles– all without a partner. That’s why we believe the work we are doing is important.

Tell us something you’ve learned in your experience that surprised you.

Building and dreaming out in the open is a really powerful tool. Our team really wanted to launch a direct cash transfer program for Black, single mothers. We shared our vision with our community with no idea how we were going to fund it and bring it to fruition. A year later, we were approached with funding—simply because we took a risk and shared our dream for the future.

How can readers get involved with The Tender Foundation?

You can give us a follow on IG: @tender or Twitter: @tenderatl and visit our site at If you want to help deliver diapers, wipes and formula to families in the metro area, you can also sign up to volunteer via the links in our social bios.

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