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JaQuitta Williams

JaQuitta Williams

JaQuitta Williams, 38, has been a TV news anchor and reporter for nearly 20 years. Last year, she decided to make a transition in her career, leaving her job at WSB TV to pursue a career in acting and singing. JaQuitta’s change in direction began in July 2007, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, defeating the disease and becoming a champion for healthy living. She’s now an enthusiastic proponent of “juicing”—making nutritious and delicious concoctions every day in her juicing machine. JaQuitta and her mother, Linda, were featured on a new reality show for the Lifetime Television for Women network, Mom’s Cooking.

JaQuitta’s secrets to staying young and healthy

Sleep, sleep, sleep! I also keep my life as stress-free as possible, drink lots of water and do lots of juicing. Exercise is also a must—it makes me feel strong. I try to make sure I surround myself with positive people who have great energy.

How does it work?

I purchased the Jack Lalanne juicer I had been seeing advertised on TV. Saw it, bought it, love it! Juicing is simple: just buy all the fruits and veggies you want and put them in the machine! I simply run some water over my fruits and veggies to wash them off a bit, stick them whole into the shoot of the juicer and whip, bam, boom! The juice comes out of the dispenser, I add ice and a straw to my glass and drink away. You can disassemble the juicer and put it in the dishwasher or rinse with hot water for easy cleanup. It works wonderfully for a woman like me. I don’t like a whole bunch of steps and things like that. It’s just 1-2-3 and done

Why do I love juicing?

Juices are filling, and I love the way they make me feel. I have great energy when I drink them,  and they do wonders for my skin! I have at least three per day.

JaQuitta’s Favorite Mixes

  • Carrot + apple + lime
  • Apples + red grapes + lime
  • Romaine lettuce + spinach (or kale) + celery + apples + lemon
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