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How Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps with Unwanted Weight Gain

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps with Unwanted Weight Gain

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can provide the boost our bodies need to feel their best in our 40s, 50s and beyond, but it’s commonly lauded for its ability to help us fight weight gain. There are many reasons we start to gain weight or have trouble working it off as we age, and Dr. Paul Cox offers his 12 years of expertise on why this happens, as well as what he can do with HRT to help.

What are some of the reasons we gain weight in our 40s and beyond? 

First of all, as we age, our metabolism can change. It can slow down, making it hard to lose weight at the same rate we did when we were younger. In addition, as we age, we often don’t have enough energy to exercise anymore, or when we do, we feel like we don’t see any difference.  

What’s the risk if I fall into the latter category and am exercising, but the weight won’t come off?

It becomes a cycle: You’re not sleeping well, you aren’t in a great mood and you don’t have a lot of energy, and then when you do work out, it doesn’t seem to work. Why would you keep doing it? People get busy and start to put themselves last, and metabolic changes happening double down on that, all of which makes us more likely to put on weight and face challenges trying to work it off.

How can hormone replacement therapy help? 

If your hormones are balanced, then your mood is better and you’re sleeping better, and when you work out, you feel strong. When people feel better, they do more things for themselves. Each hormone has a defined function in every cell of our body, and if you remove those functions, you can still function as a human, but you won’t be the same.

Learn about some of the other benefits of hormone replacement therapy here.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for HRT? 

Seek out a physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant who has been trained in hormonal therapy and has lots of experience. At my practice, we do a 15-minute interview where we talk about what a patient thinks their issues are to see if we can help them. The interview is complimentary, because we want to make sure we can actually help them before getting into any of the details.

Why is it important to consult a trusted physician when starting hormone therapy?

Dr. Paul Cox
Dr. Paul Cox

Hormone therapy poorly done is worse than no therapy at all. Unbalanced hormones can make you feel bloated, tender and swollen, and it increases your risk for unwanted symptoms like acne, unwanted hair growth or unwanted hair loss. Trained professionals know how to avoid these problems.

Board-certified in anti-aging and family medicine, Paul E. Cox, M.D., MS, is an expert at turning back time. Firmly rooted in a scientific approach, Vital Living Healthcare focuses on early detection, prevention and innovative treatments to reverse age-related decline. By using state-of-theart equipment and techniques, along with focusing on all aspects of your health (mind, body, spirit and surroundings), Dr. Cox will create a comprehensive and personalized design for maintaining or reclaiming your health and vitality. Experience the healthcare you deserve and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Cox today

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