Get Your Life Back with the Help of Advanced Urology

Get Your Life Back with Advanced Urology
Dr. Neal Patel
Dr. Neal Patel

By Jennifer Colosimo
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Turn to Dr. Marc Greenstein and Dr. Neal Patel for comprehensive care. At their new Advanced Urology office, they use the latest technology to resolve bladder and prostate issues, and erectile dysfunction. Their patients experience faster recovery and higher success rates. 

The conditions associated with urology aren’t common topics of conversation. The truth is, those who suffer from them can be left feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. An even harder truth is that many people believe the symptoms of conditions such as an overactive bladder, incontinence, enlarged prostate or erectile dysfunction (ED) are just a natural part of aging, but they create habits that can quickly take over your life, robbing men and women—and their families—of their quality of life.

Dr. Marc Greenstein and Dr. Neal Patel joined forces to open the newest location of Advanced Urology in Sandy Springs to punch holes in these truths: to educate patients that these conditions are not normal, that you don’t have to be embarrassed, and that they can fix it. Not only does this new location broaden the brand’s reputation for one-stop, patient-centered, cutting-edge urology care to the residents of Atlanta’s northside, but it gives patients and referring physicians more advanced options to diagnose and successfully treat their conditions, without a lifetime of medicine or major surgery.

Dr. Marc Greenstein with Colleagues

“Being close to Northside Hospital, which has a very well-established robotics program, we will be able to offer some of the latest and greatest technology, as far as robotics for both benign urologic disease as well as cancer,” says Dr. Greenstein, on the heels of 15 years in private practice in New Jersey. “We offer new advanced techniques to treat things like an enlarged prostate and an overactive bladder; and we believe in helping people improve their lifestyle, providing preventative therapies that don’t require them to be on medicine for the rest of their lives.”

“We can get you to sleep through the night, we can get your symptoms under control and give you definitive treatment that will last,” says Dr. Patel, who moved to the area from Los Angeles, where he was completing a fellowship in advanced robotics at the University of Southern California. “We want to optimize the inside of the body so we can prepare men and women for the next part of their lives, so that they’re not worrying about this when they’re much older.”

BACK ROW, (L TO R): Jaimie Buccellato, Schlon Metts, Cynthia Regaldo, Naty Nunez, Joyce Alvarez, Nicole Fraser,(FRONT ROW, L TO R): Ashley Rodriguez, Dr. Marc Greenstein, Dr. Neal Patel, Sarah Nayebosadri
BACK ROW, (L TO R): Jaimie Buccellato, Schlon Metts, Cynthia Regaldo, Naty Nunez, Joyce Alvarez, Nicole Fraser,(FRONT ROW, L TO R): Ashley Rodriguez, Dr. Marc Greenstein, Dr. Neal Patel, Sarah Nayebosadri

The result? High success rates earned through a joint effort to execute advanced comprehensive testing and streamlined treatment plans. They’re able to relieve the embarrassing and burdening symptoms of having an overactive bladder and incontinence, treat enlarged prostates unlike ever before and solve any case of ED that walks in the door, potentially linking it to heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, or a previous surgery, and start to improve quality of life from there.

“We do appropriate comprehensive diagnostic testing, we do a thorough exam of their medical history, and we take the time to educate the patient on why they might have ED,” says Dr. Patel. “A lot of other people aren’t doing that, and we pride ourselves in making sure that our patients understand everything that’s going on with their bodies.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.47.18 PM“That’s what is great about this field,” he adds. “In urology, we can enact significant, positive change in people’s lives very quickly. Even when it comes to cancer, with our screening measures and our protocols, we can give patients a good chance of a lifelong cure.”

When the doctors aren’t aiding patients, they enjoy taking advantage of the city’s amenities. Dr. Greenstein lives in the area and can often be found working out at CrossFit Perimeter, dining at Rumi’s Kitchen, or sampling a new sushi spot., 1450 S. Johnson Ferry Rd. NE., Sandy Springs. 404-800-4280.

The content for this article is brought to you by Advanced Urology.

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