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Dry Salt Therapy Comes to Atlanta

Dry Salt Therapy Comes to Atlanta

Woman in Salt Therapy studio sitting criss-cross holding salt in both hands.

There are few things more inspiring than a woman who has successfully been in one field for 20 years, only to make the switch to follow her dreams and create an equally successful endeavor in another. That’s the case for Intown Salt Room’s Carrie Wright. Wright’s first path had her leading marketing initiatives for internet, media and hotel companies, but patience would bring her to her second passion: wellness. “When I started my entrepreneurial journey of opening the first salt room in Atlanta, dry salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, was basically a trend in the spa industry. My first two years of developing the business plan involved a lot of phone calls and internet searches to find research, resources, and vendors to learn more about the operational and business side of dry salt therapy. It was during my research that I saw the opportunity to create a stand-alone salt room offering a private experience for dry salt therapy, as well as an experience for meditation with sound therapy,”she explains. Now, she notes how far she’s come. “The proudest moment so far is celebrating Intown Salt Room’s 1-year anniversary. The first year is the hardest for any new small business, and I’m humbled that I made it through my first year of business.”

What challenges did you face when starting your business?
Surprisingly, finding the space and ordering the custom Himalayan salt for the décor was easy. However, as the first stand-alone salt room inside of the perimeter, there were obstacles regarding how to build out the space to incorporate the salt. It was also difficult to find a local contractor and architecture firm willing to take on a first-of-its-kind project in Atlanta.

How do you support other local entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs?
Collaborating with local entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, is essential for how I’m able to generate awareness and grow my brand. Support has included co-hosting events, creating unique instructor led-experiences, exclusive product bundles and curated wellness experiences as well as studies with test groups on the benefits of dry salt therapy and meditation with sound therapy.

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