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Facial Plastic Surgery Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth

Facial Plastic Surgery Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth

Dr. WhitakerDoes facial plastic surgery only help people regain lost youth?

There is a misconception that plastic surgery is about vanity and superficial appearance. It’s more than that. Ultimately, it’s about increasing a person’s self-esteem, confidence, health and success. It’s not necessarily about the physical transformation. It’s more about the difference it makes in somebody’s life.

 What makes people more beautiful?

There is a science behind beauty. Beauty serves an important function. In our primitive brains, beauty is a shortcut to gauge health. It’s also a way to attribute positive qualities to attractiveness. This is a “halo effect,” the idea that one standout beauty trait is reflective of an individual’s overall personality. If we look at pictures of someone who is deemed more attractive, we automatically attribute positive qualities to them and assume that they are more successful. I tend to believe that is where attractiveness matters. Looking your personal best is the most important thing you can do. Not only does it impact how you feel about yourself, but it also impacts your interactions and relationships with others.

 How important are first impressions?

What is really important about a first impression is that it happens at a subconscious level in a matter of seconds. Little things like a warm smile can leave a more positive first impression. Makeup can make you look more youthful and frame the eyes. All of these things can elevate your first impression. To take your first impression to the next level, consider Botox®, injectables, and facial plastic surgery procedures. These options can help you gain confidence, which is a very attractive quality and will ultimately enhance your first impression.

Are people turning to facial plastic surgery procedures so they can look better on social media?

I want everyone that comes into Atlanta Face & Body to look more beautiful in every decade of life. With social media, there is much more awareness of the subtleties of appearance. I see a lot of patients who come in and tell me that they don’t like the way their jaw and neck contouring looks on social media. So, these are not necessarily aging changes, but more their underlying anatomy. There are ways we can contour the jawline and neck with minimally invasive procedures. We can tighten the skin and stimulate skin collagen to create a more smooth and contoured look.

Are men considering facial plastic surgery procedures these days?

I see more and more men than I used to. I think society is more accepting of doing something for yourself and that shows with men. They are more practical. They want to stay competitive both in society and the workplace. Most men are concerned with the neck area and their facial profile. There are a range of procedures that men tend to gravitate toward. Mainly, my male patients look to Botox®, Kybella, injectables, and a range of facial plastic procedures.

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Elizabeth Whitaker, MD, FACS,

Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker received her medical degree from Duke University. She did her residency training at Emory and completed her facial plastic surgery fellowship at Tulane where she trained with Dr. Calvin Johnson, an internationally known facial plastic surgeon. She served as the Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Medical College of Georgia before moving back to Atlanta and into private practice. The seasoned doctor has performed more than 4,0answer00 face-lifts and is one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the field.

Details: Atlanta Face & Body Center, 3200 Cobb Galleria Pkwy #205, Atlanta, GA 30339,, 678.888.3223

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