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Dr. Farhan Malik Talks Non-Surgical Male Enhancement

Dr. Farhan Malik Talks Non-Surgical Male Enhancement

Prometheus by Dr. Malik

Many men experience concern over how their penis compares to others. When it comes to sex-related anxiety, worry over the size of your penis is one of the most common ones out there.

Whether you want to please your partner or feel more comfortable in the locker room, you aren’t alone. At Prometheus by Dr. Malik, we see hundreds of men who want to finally invest in themselves and feel the confidence they have always wanted.

Penis Enlargement Options

You have likely heard some dubious claims from products saying they can make your penis bigger. Unfortunately, there are no pills, creams, or supplements that can actually deliver on adding size to your penis—and some can actually do harm to your health.

Then there are penises stretches, often called jelqing, that can cause bruising and even nerve damage. No thanks.

After shopping around these options, lots of men find themselves considering penis enlargement surgery. Even though it has come a long way, penis enlargement surgery is still a risky procedure with unpleasant side effects such as an unnatural look or feel, scarring, infection, or loss of sensation.

Permanent, Proven Results—Without Surgery

Fortunately, there is another answer: permanent, effective, non-surgical penis enlargement. Dr. Malik saw the need for this option and perfected the technique. Now he performs this minimally invasive, outpatient procedure on patients throughout the Atlanta area to help men gain the confidence they have always wanted.

Dr. Malik is a double-board certified MD specializing in sports medicine, men’s sexual health, and male enhancement.

But how does this non-surgical procedure work? It relies on collagen, an abundant protein that is found in your connective tissue, skin, tendon, bone, and cartilage. Collagen provides support, structure, and strength to your body’s most important systems, including your penis. Dr. Malik uses a proprietary collagen-layering activation filler to encourage your body to create more collagen in your penis. This builds the tissue, creating more size. Since this collagen is produced by your body, it looks and feels totally natural and is permanent.

After just a couple of hours at our office, you can leave a bigger, more impressive version of yourself. No risk of surgery, no questionable pills. Just permanent size gains to give you more confidence.

If you are considering male enhancement, contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Together, we can develop a treatment plan based on your goals for bigger, better confidence.

Dr. Malik: Atlanta’s Male Enhancement Specialist

Dr. Farhan Malik is a double-board certified physician who has dedicated years to bringing men a safer male enhancement solution. He has partnered with other renowned men’s sexual health specialists to perfect this non-surgical penis enlargement technique.

Read more about Prometheus by Dr. Malik here.

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