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Dinner in a Dash

Dinner in a Dash

Chicken tacos close up.

By Alex McCray

If you’re like me, you are always somewhere between being a meal preparation master or scrambling through the freezer desperately hoping one more frozen dinner is buried within its depths. Enter the Atlanta-based meal delivery company Dinner A’Fare. When I say they make dinner easy, I mean easy. Whether you’re cooking for just yourself, you and your honey, or a family of four, a delicious homemade dinner can be on the table in 15 to 30 minutes. A claim I put to the test (and it passed with flying colors).

Dinner AFare_Aug 2017_PorkTenderloinwithLentils_preview

The process begins with the fun part: Look through Dinner A’Fare’s monthly rotating selection of 15 meals and choose your favorites. Then select your delivery date and sit back and relax. Convenience and time efficiency are a constant theme with this company. Can’t be home on delivery day? Simply leave a cooler by the front door to keep the ingredients fresh until you arrive.

Each meal comes with the needed amount of ingredients already chopped and prepared for you. All you have to do is put them together. The majority of dishes I tried like the Blackened Chicken Tacos with Chipotle Ranch, and Pork Tenderloin with Coconut Lentils and Spinach, involved minimal work, like stovetop sautéing or baking in the oven. There’s no skimping on flavor either. The chipotle ranch added a creamy hint of spice to traditional tacos and the powerful coconut flavor enhanced basic ingredients like spinach and lentils. The dishes are quick and tasty, an appreciated combination. Not to mention, the meals are all delivered fresh but are also designed to be kept frozen until you’re ready to make them. So there’s no pressure to cook them all back-to-back. Meaning you won’t waste food if you decide to grab a last minute dinner with friends.

If you’re ready to try new recipes, take dinner off your to-do list, or check out how they can make preparing your holiday dinners a breeze, visit to get started.

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