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Day 3 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Varicose Vein Consultation at VEINatlanta

Day 3 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Varicose Vein Consultation at VEINatlanta

Photo of varicose veins on back of legs.

By: Josh J.

Varicose Vein Consultation at VEINatlanta

Varicose veins, spider veins, and blue reticular veins aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They can also cause you to suffer physically with aching, tired, and heavy legs. You may also experience burning or itching. Louis G. Prevosti, MD, FACS, of VEINatlanta sat down with me to talk about my symptoms and the next steps for improving the health of my legs.

Louis G. Prevosti, MD, FACS
Louis G. Prevosti, MD, FACS

I consider myself to be a relatively active person. I work as an engineer but I’m also an avid ballroom dancer so I’m no stranger to being on my feet. One of the problems with the bulging veins in my legs is that they make my legs feel much heavier than they really are. Dr. Prevosti explained that it could be due to the blood pooling in my veins caused to poor circulation.

VEINatlanta offers a free consultation for anyone wondering if their veins could be a problem. Also, if more extensive treatment is needed, most insurance companies cover the cost. After assessing my needs, the next step was to be fitted for compression stockings. This is a noninvasive treatment that helps keep the blood from pooling and potentially creating clots. Dr. Prevosti was very knowledgeable and made me feel incredibly comfortable discussing something I’m honestly a little self-conscious about.



For more on this consultation, check out this Facebook LIVE video featuring VEINatlanta’s Dr. Louis G. Prevosti.


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