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Day 2 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Deluxe Supreme Bliss Facial at Pure Bliss Med Spa

Day 2 of Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Deluxe Supreme Bliss Facial at Pure Bliss Med Spa

Woman receiving Pure Bliss facial with hot stones.

Best Self staffer: Alex McCray

To me, facials fall into one of two categories—relaxing or beautifying. What I loved about the 75-minute Deluxe Supreme Bliss Facial at Pure Bliss Med Spa was that it was both. The facial includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, cream exfoliation, extractions, and a customized mask with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning and a chemical peel. My esthetician, Amy Lam, truly cleared out all the gunk in my face and catered to the needs of my oily and acne-prone skin. And throughout the facial, head, neck, shoulder and hot stone massages made the experience truly calming.


Right off the bat, I loved that Amy asked me detailed questions about my skin, my skin care, and the issues I have with it. She used that information to tailor parts of the facial to my specific concerns. The facial began with Amy double-cleansing my skin with alcohol. Even though I didn’t wear makeup that day, she told me she always likes to start with a clean base and to get rid of any natural build-up on the skin that could have accumulated throughout the day. Then she went to town performing the necessary evil of extractions.

From there, she used microdermabrasion to help lighten the hyperpigmentation I have on my forehead and to help my skin be smoother. I’d never had microdermabrasion before but it didn’t hurt at all and was very quick. At most it felt like a light scratch or something slightly rough sliding across your skin. She then applied a layer of enzymes, which she said would tingle but I honestly felt nothing (I’ve worn my fair share of plumping lip glosses so I know what “tingly” feels like and this did not feel like that at all). The enzymes helped to aid the microdermabrasion and eat any dead skin.

Next were two masks, a clay mask to detox my skin and unclog my pores and a hydrating mask. Because my skin is acne-prone, she also used a blue LED light to increase the penetration of the masks and to kill any leftover bacteria.

image2 My facial concluded with an amazing massage of my head, neck, shoulders, and face along with a hot stone massage. Amy topped my skin with a moisturizing gel by Skinceuticals to help continue to lighten the pigment, eye cream, and SPF 50 sunscreen. She advised me that my skin may be a little “angry” over the next three days but to be gentle and avoid exfoliation until day four.

Details: $195. 678.515.3653. 6309 Roswell Rd., Sandy Springs.

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