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CJ Senter – The Workout Kid

CJ Senter – The Workout Kid

Keeping active is as important for adults as it is for kids, and getting into the habit of working out early is one of the most important steps toward taking a stand against obesity. For 10-year-old CJ Senter, staying active is not just part of his everyday life – it’s a part of his professional life as well. CJ is one of the youngest exercise instructors in the U.S., bringing his love of exercise to the masses through his “Workout Kid” video series.

How old were you when you first started working out, and what made you want to share this passion with other kids? 
I first began working out when I was five years old and my coach wanted us to get ready for a big (football) game. So I went home and began doing pushups and crunches and I have been doing it ever since then. The idea for “The Workout Kid” began when I was watching TV and saw an infomercial called P90X and wondered why they did not have something like this for kids. I asked my father if I could do an exercise video for kids and he said sure.

How do you motivate people to get fit? 
I try to motivate people to get fit by telling them how great they will feel once they complete a workout and to start by just walking or going outside and having fun.

Can you describe a moment where you really felt you 
had helped someone?
I have had kids from my school and all over the world write letters telling me how they love my DVD and that they have lost weight and want to continue exercising and staying fit.

What is the hope for the new program, 
“Workout Kid for Schools”?
The “Workout Kid for Schools” program will hopefully get all kids around the world inspired to get fit and have fun while working out. It will also help P.E. teachers give kids an exciting new workout for kids by a kid. A lot of schools only have P.E. class once a week, so if they can introduce “Workout Kid” to kids early, the kids might do the workout at home and on the weekends as well.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received? 
The best piece of advice I have received is to always have fun when I work out.

How do you stay motivated to lead a healthy life? 
My motivation comes from the way I feel after completing a workout. I sleep better and have plenty of energy the next day.

How do you manage your busy schedule between 
appearances and school? 
I try to manage my schedule by working hard to complete all of my goals. I do all of my homework and make good grades.

What makes your workouts unique? 
My workouts are unique because my exercises are fun and anyone can do them. I created signature exercise moves just for kids called Power Jacks, The Shredder, The Fighter, The Invisible Jump Rope, Butt Kicks and Flyaways. None of my workout moves involve weights, so you can even do them in your pajamas!

What would you say to kids who don’t want to exercise? 
I tell kids that don’t want to exercise to just try it first and start off by just doing one push-up then challenge themselves to do a little more every day. Exercise can be fun if you make it fun.

What inspires you every day? 
I try to stay focused and inspire myself to work hard in school and to always try and stay fit and active.

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