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Cathy Iannotti, Real Estate Maven and Animal Lover

Cathy Iannotti, Real Estate Maven and Animal Lover

Cathy Iannotti

In her three decades as the Principal of Iannotti Breen Group, Cathy Iannotti has cultivated not just a portfolio of Atlanta’s best luxury residences, but a life of fulfillment and vitality. Iannotti thrives on keeping her mind sharp and her heart full, whether navigating the complexities of million-dollar real estate deals or championing causes close to her heart. Her secret to aging well? A dynamic mix of mental challenges, cherished relationships and an unwavering zest for life.

What inspires you to get up every morning?
First is my extra large Chai latte, and then I’m out to join my favorite coworkers to see what today’s adventure is going to be like. I’m always looking forward to the challenge and the adventure the day will bring.

What are some causes that you hold close to your heart?
My entire life, I have been a huge animal lover and I’ve been known to pick up homeless animals many times on the streets and highways. I will never pass and not stop, as my kids can attest to some of these crazy adventures. I’m a huge advocate for animal welfare, working with several nonprofits like Fix Georgia Pets to raise awareness about topics such as responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering and the humane treatment of animals. I’m very involved in advocating for and supporting legislation for stricter animal cruelty laws and bans on puppy mills.

What’s the greatest life lesson you’ve learned?
Time doesn’t stop! My dad would always say, you’ll be old before you know it. His and my idea of old are quite different, but I now realize the value of time and how I spend it. My focus is more on meaningful activities, relationships and experiences rather than material possessions or superficial pursuits.

What have you done to ensure you continue to age well and enjoy life?
Staying mentally active is key for me. My career and my involvement in multiple nonprofit organizations like the Brookhaven Neighborhood Board and the Northside Women’s Cancer Foundation keep my mind busy and active. I am very lucky to have two beautiful and thriving grown children who still keep me on my toes and nurturing my relationships with loved ones has been essential for my emotional well-being. Life is full of surprises, and being adaptable and resilient has allowed me to navigate challenges with grace and optimism.

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