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Brow-Raising Beauty

Brow-Raising Beauty

When it comes to drawing attention to your eyes, ways to use shadow and liner techniques abound, but a pair of perfectly shaped brows sets off any gaze—even on makeup-free days. To achieve and maintain the best brow looks, we’ve turned to some experts for their take on treatment options and grooming methods for every day.

Just like any hair growth, brows will thin over time, making you look older. “Brow hair texture, length and rate of growth are all determined by your genetics,” says Pamela Jeschonek, founder of Eyebrow MBA™. “So learn to love and keep what you have.” As for current trends, Jeschonek says brows are very full right now, with the latest beauty reports showing a more natural brow shape. “The most classic and flattering shape is a full, well-shaped brow,” she says.

achieve and maintain the best brow looksIn order to define the right shape for your face and give a clean browline, some hair removal may be necessary. Don’t even think about trying major brow artistry on yourself; seek out a pro for the best results. A brow technician can measure the exact angles right for your face and show you how to keep up the look between appointments. Some of the most common methods of brow shaping are:

Tweeze—By far the most gentle and precise method for sculpting brows, tweezing simply means removing an unwanted hair with tweezers.

Wax—Ideal for thick or bushy brows, a waxing tech spreads wax in a thin layer over the skin, then adheres a strip to the wax and quickly rips it against the direction of the hair growth to remove it from the root.

Sugaring—Similar in application to waxing, sugaring uses a natural paste of sugar, water and lemon juice to stick to hair, which is then pulled off in the same direction of hair growth, reducing irritation.

Threading—Works by twisting a cotton thread and pulling it along the skin’s surface, removing the hair directly from the follicle.

SB-1While tweezing is the most common method, it lasts the least length of time. Other hair removal options, like waxing and threading, also exfoliate the skin, which can leave it red and raw. Jeschonek notes that certain medications that cause skin to be more sensitive or peel (like some antibiotics and Retin-A) make waxing a really bad idea, as it could “remove the skin in strips or chunks that can scab over and even leave a scar.”

When your brows have issues that general maintenance just won’t cover, specialty services are the way to go. If, for example, your brows don’t match your hair color, tinting can work wonders. “Tinting is coloring the brow hairs, much like hairstylists color your head hair,” explains esthetician Melody Kuck of the International SalonSpa Business Network. “Traditional hair color isn’t safe for the face, so estheticians use a vegetable dye or ‘tint’ that fades away in three to four weeks.”

SB-3For a longer-lasting way to alter eyebrows, microblading and permanent makeup are good options. “Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrows,” Kuck says. “Eyebrow microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis by a special pen.” Permanent makeup employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eyelining and eyebrows.
Perhaps most important of all, always visit a licensed salon or spa that employs licensed estheticians and cosmetologists. “Most states require that the licenses be kept on site, so never hesitate to ask to see them,” Jeschonek says. “Every cosmetologist is licensed to remove brow hair, but you want to find someone who is well trained, if not an expert, at that particular service.”

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