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Back-to-School Tips for Kids with Digestive Conditions

Back-to-School Tips for Kids with Digestive Conditions

By Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

Child sitting on toiletStarting a new school year can bring lots of excitement to children, but for those with chronic gastrointestinal (GI) issues like Crohn’s disease, it can also trigger anxiety and stress. Embarrassing symptoms can sometimes occur without warning. As a parent, here are some tips to help make your child’s back-to-school experience a little smoother.

Tip #1: Notify Teachers and Administration

Identify any special needs your child may have during the school day and share these with your child’s teacher. These may include dietary restrictions, additional bathroom breaks, or frequent check-ins with the nurse.

Tip #2: Prepare an Accident Kit

Lessen the stress of an occasional accident by preparing a kit for your child to keep in his or her locker or cubby. Include items such as a change of clothes, underwear, flushable wipes, a discreet air freshener, and plastic bags for soiled clothes.

Tip #3: Be Supportive

As you know, how you react to your child’s symptoms influences the way he or she feels about his or her condition. It is important to offer a sense of understanding and support, especially after experiencing an episode at school.

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