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An Interview with West Coast Workout owner Tammy Stokes

An Interview with West Coast Workout owner Tammy Stokes

As the owner of West Coast Workout, Tammy Stokes has always had a passion for exercise, and now she has turned that passion into a successful business. Here, she talks about her journey and gives us her tips for staying fit. Most importantly, she offers a step-by-step instruction for “The No Excuses Workout,” which can be done when you’re short on time and still want to squeeze in some exercise.

How did your passion for fitness first begin?
It started when I was young. My aunt and I are four years apart in age. She was like an older sister to me. She would challenge me to do her “Jane Fonda like” exercise routines. My body would be so sore the next few days that I could barely walk – sounds crazy but I liked it. Exercise made me feel good and improved my self confidence. It had me loving the body I live in, back then and even more so now, in my mid-40s.

What is the West Coast Workout and what makes it unique?
We offer nine signature workouts at my studios because I believe one workout doesn’t work. The combination of our workouts is exactly what creates the dramatic results. What defines West Coast Workout is heart rate elevation combined with functional full body exercises. The results are authentic. Think Hollywood. The bodies are toned, not overly muscular.

How did you first meet with Dr. Oz and develop “The No Excuses Workout”?
I train some of Dr. Oz’s colleagues. I also work with FOX. Between a few referrals and my relationship with FOX, it was a done deal when the doctor was looking for a trainer in Atlanta. FOX wanted a workout that was for the “Ultra Busy Lifestyle.” Dr. Oz loved it so much he called it “The No Excuses Workout.”

What is your best tip for people who are trying to get in shape?
Make a plan, stick with it and never give up. Once you live it, you will discover there is no other way.

What do you think is a common excuse for people who avoid 
exercise and how can they overcome it?
The most common excuse for not exercising is time. You can overcome it with “The No Excuses Workout.” I am known as the “excuse buster.” If you’ve got an excuse, I’ve got the solution.

What is your connection to the west coast?
My dad lived in L.A. I spent a lot of time visiting him throughout my childhood. I started my fitness career in Hollywood. I was lucky. I trained some of the best in the industry, including John Travolta. Currently, I spend a lot of time training in L.A. during award season. My clients love my “Skinny Food Diet” and the way my training makes their body “shine” on the red carpet.

What is your simplest piece of advice when it comes to 
”living your best life”?
Live your healthiest life. If you live your healthiest life, achieving your best life will be a lot easier. If you don’t, you may never reach that goal.

As a fitness professional, what has been your biggest challenge and reward?
Keeping up with the demand. I could work 24/7. Good thing I practice yoga. The reward is why I wake up at 4:30 a.m. every day, enriching the lives of the people who show up.

How do you stay motivated to work out?
My clients motivate me. They are beautiful and amazing.

What, if any, obstacles have you had to overcome in terms of 
achieving a healthy lifestyle?
Sorting through what works and what’s worthless. There is so much garbage and so many gimmicks. I believe in real food, workouts that work and a life in balance. Most importantly, happiness is key.

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